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BigHit Entertainment takes responsibility after the appearance of BTS has been canceled

The group was scheduled to appear in Asahi (Image: GC images)

The management of the BTS K-pop group, BigHit Entertainment released a statement after the decision of a Japanese station to cancel the appearance of the group.

The popular seven pieces were to be performed at the Asahi Music Station on November 9, but its appearance was canned, supposedly by a photo of Jimin wearing a T-shirt representing the atomic bombing of the United States during World War II.

In a long statement published in his official Twitter account and translated by a fan account of BTS, BigHit took responsibility for the mishap, since he condemned the war and apologized to those who the group could offend.

Jimin is believed to wear a shirt

It is believed that Jimin used the shirt last year (which had already been exhausted), with the first reading: "Patriotismo OurHistory Liberation Korea", and presents a photo of the cloud of mushrooms on Hiroshima and another image of the Korean people celebrating their independence Day of August 15, 1945.

While members were also assumed they used hats that represented the Nazi SS head of death and that they waited for flags on the stage that looked like swastika.

BigHit took the matter very seriously, since his statement began: "Hello, this is Bighit Entertainment.

"Recently, there have been some problems with the artists of the company, BTS. Below are the views of BigHit Ent.

& # 39; 1). They are addressing the following problems:

– With respect to the clothes that an artist used, representing an atomic bomb.

– With respect to an artist who (presumably) wore a hat with a Nazi symbol for a Korean magazine in the past.

– With respect to the subject that an artist, in the past, (presumably) was awaiting a flag with a Nazi symbol during a concert.

Continue: & # 39; 2). BigHit viewers on these topics are the same as below:

– We're stating that BigHit does not endorse the war, nor the atomic bombs, and that BigHit does not, nor will it intend to hurt / heal in the future those who were hit by the fall of the atomic bomb.

"- (As for all BigHit artists), BigHit does not admit radical, totalitarian and extremist, including the Nazi group, and is against. BigHit clearly states that there was never an intention, and it will never be an intention in the future, to fear The victims and those who were affected by such political groups.

& # 39; 3). BigHit wants to apologize for recent problems with the following statements.

"Regarding the use of the clothing that represents the atomic bomb, as indicated above, there is no intention [to support such ideas], and even after confirming that the clothes themselves were not made with the intention of giving scars / wounds to those who were victims of atomic bombs, we could sincerely / apologize for causing involuntary scars that were affected by the atomic bomb and those who felt uncomfortable when seeing the artist in relation to the image of the atomic bomb.

They are one of the largest groups in the world (Image: WireImage)

"Regarding the use of a hat with the Nazi symbol during a magazine session, as indicated above, there were no intentions [to seem to support such political groups]. Although the equipment and accessories related to the photo shoot were provided by the press, the artist did not have enough information / background on the subject and we want to ask him / her truly / sincerely for those who have been healed or injured by those who have been affected in the past by the Nazi group , and the discomforts after seeing the artist related to such images (from the Nazi symbol).

"-BitHit wants to state clearly that, as the artists are under BigHit, it is the responsibility of the company to detect the artists in detail, but because BigHit did not achieve this, the blame is completely with the company."

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Last week, Asahi station released a statement that said: "The shirt that one of the members used made headlines and became controversial. The producers asked the intention behind the shirt and we were in the process of reaching an agreement with the record label.

"However, unfortunately, we finally decided to postpone its appearance. We sincerely apologize to viewers who expected their appearance.

The designer behind the shirt, Lee Kwang Jae, also apologized after the children canceled their flights to the country.

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