Saturday , April 17 2021

Brazil – Uruguay is always special – Jorginho World Cup

The 1994 world champion is eager to see Selecao in front of a great test on Friday and remembered the night that Romario hit the Maracana

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With four consecutive wins from the World Cup, Brazil returns to action in the fifth perfect game on Friday when it hosts Uruguay in Brazil Global Tour.

The clash at Emirates Stadium Arsenal is Selecao's biggest test since its elimination from the quarterfinals to Belgium earlier this year and will form a vital part in the Selecao preparations for the Copa América 2019.

And the former winner of the World Cup, Jorginho, is expecting a very strong side of Uruguay after his impressive performances in Russia.

"Uruguay had a very good World Cup", said Jorginho to Brazil Global Tour.

"They have always been great rivals for Brazil. Uruguay is a small country and therefore does not turn players around as quickly as others. They end up growing together and they are also well organized after keeping their coach [Oscar Tabarez], which was great for them.

"It will certainly be a tough game. Brazil, trying new things after the World Cup, is still finding its best team. It's always a special game, Brazil against Uruguay."

It was very special for Jorginho in particular, because it was against Uruguay that his biggest win really began.

Jorginho met Uruguay in a World Cup winner in 1993, when a lot of Maracana saw Selecao get his place in the USA 94 thanks to two goals from a man who would conquer the world.

It was very special in 1993 with those two goals by Romario, because he could not miss a World Cup.

"Romario had been out of the squad until that game, when he was finally called and immediately made a difference. It was a great game and a very special memory."

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