Friday , May 14 2021

Dandelyan Cocktail Bar to open Pop-Up in The Gibson of Washington D.C.

Dandelyan 1

The farewell tour of Dandelyan begins now. Courtesy Dandelyan

The best barman in the world may be closing the best cocktail in the world, but for two nights he will only take him from London to Washington, DC.

Ryan Chetiyawardana released Dandelyan in the creepy Mondrian London in 2014 to comment. Both he and his cocktail lounge, located on the south bank of the Thames of London, have received numerous praises for the past four years, including the first place in the annual list of the 50 best bars in the world in September. However, only two days before being crowned n. ° 1, Chetiyawardana (known as Mr. Ryan Lyan, because he is aware that his name is a bite), revealed that he is turning off Dandelyan early next year and that he opens a new bar in the same space.

A monkey puzzle perfectly spilled. Courtesy Dandelyan

However, Chetiyawardana is not just putting his feet on a monkey puzzle (a fascinating combination of Courvoisier VSOP, hogweed, saupe and apricot). Instead, he is dropping his talents next to Dandelyan pop-up at D.C. Speakeasy The Gibson. The acquisition will last only two afternoons, on November 26 and 27.

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Mr. Ryan Lyan himself. Courtesy Dandelyan

"Visit the city for a talk a little behind and totally fell in love," Chetiyawardana told Observer by email. "A couple of good traveling friends have always spoken so well. I love capital cities, but there is something really warm and welcoming with D.C. We have some old friends who have some amazing bars there, but we also wanted to explore a new collaboration."

The Gibson is darker and moodier, while Dandelyan's London place is a green and pink photo explosion. Courtesy Dandelyan

The cold room and candlestick is hidden behind a door not marked in 2009 14th St. NW. And you have bar seats, red banquets and an outdoor space. Its strict "non-permanent" rule limits overcrowding and minimizes dykes. The result is a smooth taste experience that feels good and civilized and, let's say, a bit British.


Dandelyan is closing its doors at Mondrian London in early next year. Courtesy Dandelyan

"We will bring some of the touches that make Dandelyan recognizable, and we have a totally planned killer design menu," said Chetiyawardana, "but we also want to marry the style of The Gibson and not interfere too with space."

Will the Kyoto Sweepstake hit DC? Courtesy Dandelyan

This probably means that guests will not be seeing the green walls of the Dandelyan jungle, the gems of the pink bubbles and the bronze accents. The powerful beverage menu inspired, however, should travel abroad quite well.

The mixer promises classic Dandelyan cocktails (we look forward to Koji Hardshake-whiskey, lemon juice, koji, sugar cream and liquorice, cut it), as well as adapted favorites, colabs and some Gibson struts.

The incapable of hitting D.C. In this month they still have time to check Dandelyan through the pond before his grand parting. "We have some games planned," said Chetiyawardana. "At the moment, we are concentrating on seeing the style of the bar." As for the future of space, it's pretty crazy. "Soon we will reveal plans".

The best bar in the world is opening a pop-up at D.C.

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