Thursday , July 29 2021

Doctors called the habit of "killing" the light

Врачи назвали привычку, Also the smoke from a hook affects the kidneys and the bladder.

Hookah smoke can cause irritation and swelling in the throat, causing a strong headache and an increase in pressure. As a result of breathing, the person can lose consciousness.

All because of the content of this smoke of toxic substances.

We conducted an experiment. Checked the carbon monoxide content in the emerging air man after a pipe and after smoking a half pack of cigarettes. Thus, the carbon monoxide content after a hookah session was ten times more, – says the 52-year-old Otto Rack, chief physician at the health center of the city of Kiev.

Hookah is a tobacco product. In the process of Smoking, there are hundreds of times more tar than regular cigarettes. The same applies to carcinogens. For example, benzopyrene and formaldehyde. Its content in the air after a pipe smoking session is ten times greater than after the cigar.

– In addition, the light knocks the carbon smoke that burns in the hook. Why do people think that it is clean, if water or a mixture of water is passed. This is really a myth. Smoke is smoke And he is very concentrated. It can even cause respiratory tract cancer.

The toxic components of hook smoke also attack the organs of excretion. Especially the kidneys and the bladder. Hitting the health of the cardiovascular system. While the hookah can be herpes, several forms of hepatitis and tuberculosis. All these infections thrive on the inner surface of the needle hose.

The danger is the addiction itself to nicotine. In fact, in the mixtures for pipes it contains nicotine, like cigarettes, or even more. In addition, there is psychological and social dependence. The first thing is that the person receives a relaxing process of smoking hookah. As a result, it is used and you can no longer live without it.

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