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Everything we know about leaked the character of Apex Legends Octane |

The details for the new character from Apex Legends, Octane, seems to have leaked before his official revelation.

Although Respawn Entertainment has not yet announced anything about the new legends that came to the game, several leaks provided an indication of the new releases possible.

The most prominent among them is "Octane", whose name appeared for the first time in a mined data fault, but on who more details have now appeared.

Although nothing is still confirmed, and such leaks should be taken with salt, this is all we know so far about the new potential legend.

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Who is Octane?

Unfortunately, the details surrounding the character are essentially nonexistent at this time. There was nothing leaked about the history of Octane, so players are left alone with speculation based on a leaked image of the Legend.

Although apparently human based on his upper body, the legs and knees of Octane appear to be robotic, suggesting that they were able to amputate, perhaps as a result of a serious injury suffered in search of an extreme activity, considering that it seems to have a skill called "addicted to adrenaline ".

What are the skills of Octane?

Alongside the eyes of Octane, @ childz_pl4y also leaked an explanation of his abilities.

Passive ability: Swift Mend

Although it does not take damage, Octane regains health over time.

Tactical ability: Adrenaline Junkie

Move 30% faster for 8 seconds. 10% health costs. Immune to slow down while active.

Maximum possible: pillow release

Pull-out jump pull that catapults the users through the air.

@ childz_pl4y

When is octane launched?

Who is the first new Legend, will be arriving during the First Season of Apex, which will begin in March. Exactly when Season One will start, and if the new Legend will be available immediately or some time after the season, they are not known.

However, Octane is not the only Legend name that apparently leaked. Numerous others were identified by data miners, most notably "Wattson", for whom skills such as "Tesla Trap" were found.

Although it is worth taking all leaks with a grain of salt until everything is confirmed, the extent of the leaks surrounding Octane suggest that it is a true legend and that it is probably the first to join the game list.

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