Sunday , April 11 2021

Facebook can now count on who you live based on your photos and cover

Notary to people identified in a photo and how often people are included in your photos. Next, evaluate feedback on photos, subtitles or labels (#family, #mom, #kids). Everything that indicates if someone is the husband, the daughter, the cousin, etc., to predict what your family / family is. in fact it seems.

According to the patent application, the Facebook prediction models would also analyze "history of messages, past tagging history, [and] web browsing history "to see if multiple people share IP addresses (a unique identifier for each internet network).

In a specific example, the model looked at a picture that a user posted with two women tagged, "#my_boss_at_home" and another image with a girl marked "my angel." Facebook predicted that there were three people in the home, including the male user and two women, "who are probably the wife and daughter of the male user."

Oh, and Facebook uses images from both your main website and Instagram in this process. How much will Facebook use this information? Ad targeting, say the patent. The question is what third parties can use this information if this information is endangered?

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