Thursday , July 29 2021

Famous Ukrainian singer "enlightened" at a concert in Moscow

The concert was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Leonid Agutin.

Scandalous artist Ivan Dorn, recently in Kiev, filmed with his son, on November 10, performed at the 50th anniversary concert of the "barefoot child" by Russian singer Leonid Agutin.

The video was released on Dorne's Instagram account.

The concert was held on Saturday at the sports complex of Moscow "Olympic". By the time Chris Brown appeared on the stage with the song Agutin Summer rain, however, he interpreted it in his own way. The singer was accompanied by the usual fans of the star dance, one of the fanatics said that John is a "very good" dance. In general, performance was very unusual and, judging from what he wrote, the followers, the quality of coverage even exceeded the original.

Comments called Russian singer Timberlake, and even confessed his love to his idol and left him many praise and what he showed on stage.

"The buzz", "Beautiful", "Your images change, you do not have time to ask. Come visit us again!" "Wang many years ago was your admirer," "The best coverage in the rain," "Push standards" ," Very good !! ".

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