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General Mills Monsters do not need a Kinematic Universe

frankenberry, booberry, count chocula

There are many thoughts that pass through the head when you eat a monstrous cereal bowl. General Mills: will this sugar meal give me diabetes? Is there a girlfriend of Franken Berry? How would you classify each other? Should I, an adult woman in my 30s, stop eating a cereal made for children?

One thing that I do not care about is the greatest cinematic universe of the cereal monster.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw this billboard in Hollywood, with Franken Berry in a strangely seductive pose:

While the billboard is talking about the legendary Angelyne tabs of Los Angeles (ask your friend of L.A. about it), the website that promotes is not a joke. WorkWithTheMonsters.com is an open invitation so that people can launch ideas focusing on the trio of cereal monsters, Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry. The website reads:

"We are calling on all filmmakers, actors, agents, writers, producers, entertainers, shoemakers, resellers, resellers and resellers. We want to work with you to give life to great stories, from mythical fables to magical trips. Cliffhangers to nails. Heroic sagas for cosmic battles. Drama worthy of deception to historical epics. Blockbusters to the Indians. Serial publications to sequels. Together, we will captivate the hearts and minds of teens and adults. "

This may be a good time to remind the world that not everything needs a cinematic universe. Since Marvel Studios has won the public with its extensive cross-movie stories, all the studios have been struggling to launch their own cinematic universe. The DCEU and Warner Bros. They stumbled on their dangers League of Justice movies with Wonder Woman being the only bright spot in the entire franchise so far. (We will have to wait and see how Aquaman rates or next month.)

Universal tried to start a cinematic "dark universe" based on his classic list of movie monsters but fought critically. Mummy movie

Apart from the MCU, cinematic universes do not stand up and all the short success they experience is soon dragged by the endless retouching and rewriting of the original favorites for the service of newer and less exciting stories. Look at it Fantasies beasts the franchise as an excellent example of a beloved cinematic universe will quickly sow to the service of a five-image agreement.

For this reason, are there some less valuable characters in a universe than these cereal pets? It's a bad sign when two of your characters have the same name / flavor. Do Franken Berry and Boo Berry talk? ARE IN LOVE? And why, in the 50 years that have elapsed since its inception, there is nobody who can come to the Poltergeist of peanut butter?

If you have any idea of ​​any historical epic or stupid drama starring these three characters, share them in the comments. Now, I apologize, I have to review the saga of 17 books by George R.R. Martin on the life and times of the bee of Cheerios.

(via SyfyWire, image: screencap)

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