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Hamilton: Title will be huge in 2019 – knock-on & # 39; – Formula 1

The victory of the British Grand Prix of Hamilton last weekend, along with Valtteri Bottas finishing fifth, means that Mercedes can not be exchanged in the builders' championship that goes to the end of Abu Dhabi.

EDD STRAW: Mercedes is now the fifth-largest F1 team

Mercedes and Ferrari were in the neck for more than half of the season, but a golden tie, led by Hamilton, put Mercedes clearly and allowed them to abrogate the two championships of pilots and builders for the fifth season. a row

"We won races and were very fortunate to be very successful, but when we win we are all pretty peaceful, happy, but very controlled," Hamilton said.

"This time it was great to see everyone [celebrate]. Everyone was biting their nails throughout the year, so it was such an incredible effort for everyone.

"It's never given, you just have to keep working, keep pounding.

"This is what we have done, we have kept high hopes and kept our goals very, very high."

"This should have an excellent end to the year for us, but also a great effect for next year."

The five-year domination in the two Mercedes championships means that it has registered the double of Ferrari from 2000-04.

Hamilton said he did not experience a stop as Mercedes's fifth brace.

"I could see how nervous it was Toto," Toto Wolff team boss said.

"I always remembered how important it was to the team and was saying:" Toto, I know, I've been with the team for six years, I know how important it is and you do not have to tell me. I – I've done pole and I'm doing the job, just you have to sit down and let me do what I do.

"To be able to do this, to see everyone's emotion, he has never experienced the height he experienced here."

Hamilton fell to the ground with some of its members when celebrating the title in the park ferme.

He added: "When we made the jump and everything and we fell from the barrier, I think it could be the best time I had with this team."

Change of Mercedes's momentum

Hamilton headed Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel for the 2018 title, as each driver pursued his fifth world championship.

They were uniformed until the Grand Prix of Italy, which provoked a series of errors by Vettel while Hamilton embarked on a run of four races.

Mercedes dragged Ferrari by 20 points after the first 10 races, but, as can be seen from the tables below, his opponent beat in the second half of the year.

Points in the first 10 races

Points in the last 10 races

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