Wednesday , May 12 2021

It became known, what language to communicate with the astronauts of the ISS

If you have anything else, stop using the navigation options in МКС The astronaut of NASA told what language to communicate with the ISS

In the international space station (ISS) there is no language barrier, crew members speak REnglish – a mixture of Russian and English – and I think it's an advantage, said Friday during a videoconferencing with NASA New York school students orbiting an astronaut Serena Aunon-Chancellor.

"It's fun, but we do not believe that the language is a barrier here (in orbit). We all went through Russian and Russian cosmonauts are trained in English, and we're going from one language to another," said a crew member of the ISS .

Asked about the linguistic difficulties that arise from the crew of the international space station. "If you ask most astronauts, we do not consider the language to be a barrier, but it makes our life here (ISS) fun" – said the astronaut. The US is in the ISS, along with German astronaut Alexander Gershom and Russian Sergey Prokopyeva.

"I often speak with Sergei in Russian, he responds in English, sometimes, to our offer of shuffle, something like English (REnglish) if you like it," said Auron.

"We see this as an advantage, because sometimes the words in Russian are better than English, and we chose it. It is very interesting and offers more opportunities to talk with the partners about important things such as family or relatives back home", He shared with the astronaut of NASA a hearing.

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