Monday , May 10 2021

Liverpool News: Cristiano Ronaldo seized what he did after the final injury of Mohamed Salah Soccer | Sport

Liverpool star Van Dijk faced Ronaldo in the final of the Champions League in the month of May, with Real Madrid winning 3-1 in Ukraine.

The Portuguese international failed to enter the scoreboard with Gareth Bale in the hero's place at night.

Karim Benzema put Real Madrid ahead before Sadio Mane drew Liverpool with Bale and scored twice to give prizes to the league giant.

Many fanatics and Reds players, however, believe that the end could have a different result when Salah did not move away from the injured.

The Egyptian international jumps in the match after a collision with Sergio Ramos.

And Van Dijk accused Cristián Ronaldo, as well as Marcelo and Karim Benzema, of "joining" in the young Trent Alexander-Arnold.

"Mentally, something changed for Real Madrid since Salah left the field," Van Dijk told De Telegraaf.

"Suddenly, Marcelo, Benzema and Ronaldo faced our new right Trent Alexander-Arnold and left the right flank without a freight.

"With Salah, they would not dare."

Salah was tied to a pass to Real Madrid after scoring 44 goals for Liverpool last season.

In the end, however, there was no transfer.

And former Reds like Danny Murphy do not believe that Salah will be advancing to the League soon.

He said at the beginning of the month: "It was a difficult pill to swallow to lose the Champions League victory last year.

"But I do not think that experience encourages people from Salah to look for foreigners from Real Madrid.

"I do not think there is a player in Liverpool who does not believe that the club is capable of winning trophies, while that is perhaps the case with Tottenham.

"Liverpool has a history of winning trophies and is one of the most successful sides of Europe.

"There is no reason to look out when they could emulate large ones like (Steven) Gerrard."

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