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Malaysia Scores: vs. Vietnam |

Naive tactical options and players' clues, as well as under-torque performance, have contributed to the 2-0 victory of Group A AFF in Malaysia to the victory of Vietnam.

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The naïve tactical options and the clues of the players, as well as the performance below the pair, contributed to the first defeat of Malaysia in its campaign of the AFF Championship of 2018, but still it is worth the see who realized and that defeated in its defeat to the bond of the 2-0 group in Vietnam.

Vietnam vs. Malaysia stands out with the game

Khairul Fahmi Che Mat – 5/10

It was not proven too often since the hosts preferred to sit deep and attack attacks, but the experienced custodian could not do the two most important times.

Syahmi Safari – 5/10

The back right was a support able in the attack, but it was not so effective in defense. It was his poor hat by Nguyễn Văn Toàn that led to the first goal of the match.

Aidil Zafuan – 5/10

The downtown experienced was simply overwhelmed by the speed with which Vietnam could enter into a transition.

Shahrul Saad – 5/10

The back center simply was overwhelmed by the speed with which Vietnam could enter into transition. He was lucky just to go out with a yellow card so he looked like an elbow against a Vietnam player in the second half.

Syazwan Andik Ishak – 5/10

The left to the back was nervous during the whole game, until the trap fails correctly on multiple occasions.

Akram Mahinan – 5/10

While the midfielder had been praised for his performance without training in the last two Malaysian games, on Thursday his biggest weakness was put. He could not help Malaysia be more threatening since he is not a creative midfielder, despite the Tigers having a greater participation of the possession.

Syamer Kutty Abba – 5/10

The midfield barely recorded a blow during the match and was removed in the middle of the second half. He received a reserve early in the first half due to a professional foul and was withdrawn in the 72th minute.

Mohamadou Sumareh – 6/10 (best player)

Returning from an injury, the right angle was one of the best players in Malaysia at night. He showed confidence to try to penetrate the hectic defense of Vietnam on the right, but surprisingly he was the first player replaced by Tan Cheng Hoe, to give way to Safawi Rasid.

Mohamadou Sumareh, Pahang, Malaysia

Sumareh Photo from Malaysia FA

Norshahrul Idlan Talaha – 6/10

The veteran striker was unable to keep his team home from the last two games to get his third smart phone in space for a week, his work was very hard for the midfielder and defender of the hosts, who dazzled him every time he he had the ball.

Akhyar Rashid – 6/10

The teenager started in his first AFF Championship tournament, a very questionable decision since he is usually better used in the second half, as a fresh pair of legs while opponents are fatigued. But the left corner was unable to provide the impact that could have been desired by all in the first half, with him having to be lower in the field in the first time to help defense and defenders making sure he could not get away with the ball.

Shahrel Fikri Fauzi – 5/10

Beginning at its first AFF Championship tournament, the main striker had a torrid night. He could not get the ball to the defenders in the third final and, in addition, perhaps he was injured after arriving at the end to some physical challenges. It was taken off by 62 minutes by Hazwan Bakri.


Safawi Rasid – 6/10

Although his presentation made Malaysia a bit more dangerous, in the end, the nearest marker was the 62-minute marker that was mitigated by goalkeeper Đặng Văn Lâm.

Hazwan Bakri, Syafiq Ahmad – N / A

Late replacements whose contributions were minimal.

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