Monday , May 10 2021

Meaty and jelly spots are invading the Maine coast – BGR

There are many cool things to see if you touch your head under the waves of the ocean. There are fish and crabs well and, well, a lot of other magical creatures. That is, unless you are submerging below the surface of the Maine coast, where instead it will be received by an army of strange bubbles that should not really be there.

A news site Bangor Daily News The reports, the strange jellies of meat color are creatures known as "sea beetles." There are many different species of seawater, officially tunicate calls, but those that took to reside outside the Maine coast seem like a rotten pancake. I like it!

So why appear suddenly near Maine? Scientists believe that unusually warm waters along the coast allow creatures to prosper where they could not spread. A handful of news came with the hottest waters in recent years, including invasive species of algae and crabs.

The sea blues do not do much after they find a place to close. They are filter feeders that suck water and feed on how many bits of float material. They may seem harmless, but they can be a great headache for fishermen and scientists due to their habit of wrapping structures and even networks used to harvest crustaceans.

Tunicates also have the habit of muscular other species that are fed along the bottom of the ocean. They can completely cover large areas and reproduce rapidly, making it difficult for other animals to remain. Its natural predators, including crabs, but that reproduce faster than they can be hunted, which makes it almost impossible to keep their population under control.

Regarding what can be done regarding animals as bubbles, no one seems to have a solution. Killing them by charging them above water is very simple, but stopping the increasing number at the bottom of the ocean is obviously a much more challenging task.

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