Saturday , April 17 2021

New polytechnic students and ITE pay higher tuition fees in 2019, Education News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – Students entering the Polytechnic and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) next year will have to pay more than their elders.

Checks by The Straits Times have found that their annual fees, which will be applied to newcomers in the 2019 academic year, will rise between 3 and 7 percent, as in the previous year.

The new rates were published on the schools' websites on Friday (November 16). The polytechnical term starts in April, while ITE has two entries in January and April.

The Uruguayans who enter the five polytechnics next year will pay an annual registration fee of 2,900 dollars, from the current 2,800 dollars.

The enrollment fees for teaching staff for permanent residents will rise from $ 200 to $ 5,800, while international students will rise between $ 400 and $ 10,400.

In the ITE, full-time Nitec course fees will be $ 20 for Singapore, while PR will pay more than $ 300 and foreign students with more than $ 900.

The rates for the Nitec Superior courses remain unchanged.

The enrollment costs for higher education have been increasing annually in recent years, but the Ministry of Education has already said that the Government continues to strongly support the costs of polytechnic education and ITE for Singapore-85% and more than 90 percent respectively .

He had also said that regular but small rate increases are better than a greater increase in a single year.

Students who need help can get closer to the financial help offices of the institutions.

The amount of government grants was raised last year, with polytechnic students able to obtain up to $ 2,350 per year and ITE students of up to $ 1,400 per year, depending on family income.

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