Monday , May 10 2021

Peter Hickman claims the pole position for the classic street race

Peter Hickman (Aspire-Ho of Bathams Racing BMW) made his provisional pole at night in a true series of convincing laps that left him a clear second of teammate Michael Rutter (Aspire-Ho of Bathams Racing Honda RC213V) despite a late attempt of Rutter to retrieve the position he held in the first part of the session.

Hickman said: "This is my first post in Macau, which is really good. The bike has been working really, very well since the first practice yesterday, although the practice was hard work. I am very pleased with the configuration. riding the same bicycle I mounted last year and is making life a little easier. It was always going to be Michael [Rutter] and Martin [Jessopp] that they were there too, and I'm sure the race will be much closer than the classification was today, but I'm anxious to get away with it. The fingers crossed their heads down and we will see what happens. "

But despite improving his time and cutting the difference for half a second, Rutter had to settle for second place, leaving Hickman the only one to plunge into support 2:23, his 2: 23.904 winning an excellent debut in Macau.

The eighth Rutter's career winner: "The team worked great because we had a new motorcycle and we were only out twice before. Every time we leave, it's a learning curve: let's go a little quick, we find something else. I think we have another one. 10% to get out of the bike. Every time I go through a song I try something a bit different, learn a little more. I was a bit disappointed with my rating. I do not think we were as fast as Pete [Hickman], but I think we would have been faster. I was not concentrated in that qualifying round and it just let me fall. "

Martin Jessopp (Tak Chun Group of the PBM Ducati) also left it late to get to the front row; He stayed in the room for a while, picked up the third place of Danny Webb (MGM by Penz13) and then lost it with Gary Johnson (Briggs Equipment Kawasaki).

But when the session ended, Jessopp had a perfect turn of the best personal moments in the four sectors to go to 2: 25.356 and join the frontline press conference.

"I am very happy to be here to be honest," said Jessopp. "I thought I could do it before arriving at the meeting. I've been strolling around here for the last six years in my BMW, then I know what team you have to be, I know what to blow, I know what you will do that and know what I would do before that I got one in. Yesterday was a bit of a shock different from that [Ducati Panigale 1199] is it It's an appropriate racing machine and everything is new, so after yesterday's first session I knew it was going to be difficult. However, it is only classified, that does not mean much. Pete [Hickman] You won from row three, so being in the post will mean problems for all use. I do not know if I can fight for a victory, but I'm happy to be here. "

In this way, the second row formed by Gary Johnson, Danny Webb and Horst Saiger (Saiger Racing Yamaha) are part of the start of the 52 Grand Prix of the Macau Motorcycle, with David Johnson (PR Racing BMW) ahead of John McGuinness (Tak Chun Group by PBM Ducati), Derek Sheils (MGM by Penz 13 BMW) and Sam West (PRL / OHA Motorsport BMW).

Davey Todd (PuraGlobe Syntainics Racing Oil of Penz 13) was once again the fastest newcomer, as it was in both previous sessions, ending on the 11th on the grid.

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