Thursday , October 28 2021

Philanthropic Janmohammed calms storm in the national cricket team


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Cricket's former Kenyan president, Jackie Janmohammed, came Monday to the rescue of the national cricket team when he offered to pay 1.6 million pounds in bonuses and contingencies.

The 16-player team threatened to boycott the ICC World Cricket League three from Friday for 11 days in Oman if they were not insuring their bonuses.

Each player will now receive $ 900 (Sh90,000) for the days they will be in Oman.

The team now has to leave the country Tuesday afternoon for the championships where hosts Oman, Uganda, Denmark, Singapore and the United States of America will face in a round contest.

The two best teams will be promoted to the ICC World Cup 2019 Cricket League Division tournament.

Janmohammed resigned in February of this year after the bad performance of the national team at the ICC World Cricket League of the Division Two tournaments in Namibia where the country was relegated to Division Three.

"The ramifications would have been horrible with the possibility of prohibiting the boycotting of the tournament. At least let them homenajear the tournament with the rest ordered later," said Janmohammed when he paid the team a visit to the Nintendo Wii on Monday.

Deputy captain Dhiren Gondaria said the players are determined to put the problems they face and to place a reliable show in Oman and return to the Two Division next year.

"Even as players, we have agreed that we do not belong to Division Three. We know that it is at stake therefore, it has to do with our mentality," said Gondaria adding that he will be shameful if they do not benefit.

Veteran beat Shem Ngoche said that the willingness to perform well is high, therefore, their current problems did not deter him. "After looking for something of a soul, the players decided that Kenya should rediscover its lost glory," said Ongoche, adding that the trip should start in Oman classifying Division Three.

Not everything went well since Janmohammed's resignation as national team players have three months of salary arrears.

In August of this year, the national cricket team went on strike citing a wide variety of complaints, including unpaid wages and bonuses, poor facilities and lack of training.

Team coach Maurice Odumbe came to the defense of the players saying that it was difficult to train demoralized players who had been training four months at that time while preparing for the Africa Cup Twenty20 2018 held in South Africa.

Since then, Odumbe has suffered the consequences and will not travel with the team to Oman. David Obuya will train the team in Oman while his younger brother, Collins Obuya, will be captain.

CK was thrown in disorder by Janmohamed's resignation and development director, Abhijit Raja Sarkar in February. Vice President Harpar and Ravi treasurer remained in the board but Ravi resigned in August.

Sports secretary Rashid Echesa's cabinet moved rapidly in March to form the Interim Committee of Cricket Kenya (CKIC) after resignations.

But instead of a sigh, the cricket fraternity witnessed a huge power struggle not only within CKIC, but also from the other CK officials who want CKIC to declare illegal.

The secretary of the CKIC, David Obuya, declared illegal the Special General Meeting (SGM) on the part of some officers of the CK that would participate Sunday in the Sport Club of Ruaraka in Nairobi.

Collins Obuya (C), Sachin Bhudia, Emmanuel Bundi, Dhiren Gondaria, Irfan Karim, Jasraj Kundi, Pushpak Kerai, Gerard Muthui, Shem Ngoche, Alex Obanda, Nelson Odhiambo, Rakep Patel, Gurdeep Singh.

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