Sunday , April 11 2021

Scientists have said people have accelerated their own evolution

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Modern medicine, as well as many other interventions in the human body and in the body, have a direct impact on the natural processes of evolution. Lawrence Hurst, a professor of evolutionary genetics, is convinced that man has not stopped evolving, but he also does so much faster than before. Write about this issue of Newsweek, reports from

Note that evolution is based on the gradual change of DNA from generation to generation. Hurst believes that modern DNA's DNA study may conclude that the evolutionary process continues. People are able to adapt to the modern conditions of life, and not only mentally, but physiologically. Thus, for example, proper vaccination has caused a group of people to be completely insensitive to certain diseases.

Lawrence Hurst believes that DNA mutations progress in natural selection. In this way, soon humanity will soon be able to adapt to the living conditions that are currently considered inadequate. Natural selection only affects 8% of the human genome.

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