Sunday , April 11 2021

Scientists have said that indoor plants are dangerous to health

The truth is that it is being used as a complete checking tool for unemployment.

Remember that cacti are not harmless.Often you can hear that working on the computer is useful to keep next to the cacti.

But it has been discovered that the usual in domestic cactus requires special attention and treatment, writes with reference to 24apteka.

Head of the botanical garden – Institute Feb RAS, corresponding member of RAS Pavel Krestov notices that cacti are not harmless. According to Krestova, the juice of these plants contains an impressive list of different alkaloids, more than 120 species. These chemicals can have very strong effects on the nervous systems of people and animals, and not improve the condition.

A source of dangerous alkaloids can be not only cactus. The expert said that alkaloids are contained in rubber plants and poinsettias (also known as Christmas stars).

With the beginning of spring in social networks, it is becoming fashionable to take a picture with the branches. Paul Crosses talked about what brings home a beautiful ship that can cause serious health problems.

What, for example, a dangerous ship of lilacs? According to the expert, the rich smell of lilac is dangerous due to its volatile substances that contribute to the development of hydrocyanic acid, which has a toxic potential.

It can also damage the health of the branches of lilies, cherry or Lily. These plants can cause headache, migraines and so close to narcotic intoxication, he said.

Also, be careful when handling Solanaceae family plants. They can have a powerful solanin tolinin.

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