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SpaceX has found a way to avoid obstructing space

magictr | November 11, 2018 | News |

In the earth orbit it is full of debris.
Given the difficult situation with the presence of large amounts of space debris in orbit, the SpaceX company made some adjustments to its SpaceL Starlink project.

In earth-filled orbit of debris from satellites stabilized to tools lost during a space ride. Now NASA is tracking more than half a million pieces of rubble, most of which move fast enough and can cause serious damage to the spacecraft. More than 200 thousand of them are bigger than softball.
The Starlink SpaceX project: launching about 12 thousand communication satellites to launch a global Internet can exacerbate this problem.
However, according to the publication Verge, SpaceX can already be a solution prepared for it: to lodge more than one thousand Starlink satellites to a height inferior to initially planned (1110 kilometers). The company trusts the advantages of this solution.

First, the satellites would be out of the reach of most existing space debris. Second, with a height of 550 kilometers, the satellites will be much easier to return to Earth at the end of the work and, according to NASA, this will happen approximately every five years. At this altitude, the Earth's atmosphere discharges automatically from SpaceX junk, slowly moving the orbit of the satellites.

For the space industry it is good that SpaceX is ahead to think about the effects of additional debris in orbit. The sending of satellites in orbit just so that it hit some ancient space remains, do not go well, especially if you are working on the international space station.

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