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Spice Girls adds new tour dates as fans capture the tickets, Entertainment News

The best-selling 90-year-old girl band, Spice Girls added new dates for her British tour on Saturday after fans around the world rushed to buy tickets when they went on sale.

The band, less "Posh Spice", Victoria Beckham, now fashion designer, announced six dates in 2019, including a final at the Wembley Stadium in London.

But after a flood of interest when the tickets went online for sale, they added several more dates, including more in Wembley, the largest place in Britain.

"Thanks to everyone for such an amazing reaction, so excited to see it," said the official account of @SpiceGirls twitter.

In social media, many fanatics shared their joy to see once more a band that worshiped in childhood, with a typical Twitter message: "My 12-year-old boy gets fried."

But others expressed frustration after spending hours online without going through, and when seeing tickets at inflated prices quickly appear on resale sites.

The Spice Girls stormed world fame in 1996 after the release of their first single "Wannabe," spreading their message of power.

They went on to sell 85 million albums around the world.

Only two of their 11 singles did not reach number one in the British charts, while their first three singles reached the top five US positions.

The division of five pieces in 2000, but gathered for a world tour in 2007.

They joined again to act at the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics and also collaborated for the release of the musical "Viva Forever!" From Spice Girls.

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