Saturday , April 17 2021

Test tests "Swipe Surge" in the US UU. To connect users during the most specific moments – TechCrunch

Tinder today announced the test of a new experience in the application that is calling "Swipe Surge," which will send notifications to users when there is an increase in the use of Tinder in their area. The function is designed to allow Tinder to better take advantage of real-world events that promote greater use, such as music festivals, parties or spring breaks, for example.

The company says it has proven sending push notifications to alert users about overvoltage periods in their application in 2016 and found that it resulted in users who formed 2.5 times more matches during a scroll wave.

Users also received about 20 percent more jumps to the right during these events, and were more likely to receive a 2.6x message. Tinder observed.

Now you are transforming these push notifications into a real product with Swipe Surge.

In addition to the alerts designed to attract Tinder users to the application at the same time, the application will include the "Swipe Surge" brand during the event. People who have already joined the increase responding to the push notification will continue to the front of the game queue and Tinder will show who is currently active in the application.

Tinder says that activity during a wave is 15 times greater in general, and increases the potential of meeting 250%.

The company works to promote Tinder as a dating application for younger demographers in recent months, with its marketing campaign focused on "single lifestyle", the publication of media "Swipe Life" and a Tinder U expansion test, or Your university student product.

The Swipe Surge test is now underway in major US markets, says Tinder.

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