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The Fortnite Season 8 fight, emotes, other rewards and explained the cost of Battle Pass •

Fortnite Season 8 It's finally here, providing new map locations and a tropical pirate theme.

There will also be a new one Fortnite Battle Pass, giving you access to news Peles of season 8 e The emission of season 8 – whenever you put the time and effort to unblock them, of course.

If you start to get started, our Fortnite Battle Royale tricks and tricks can provide useful tips.

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What is explained in Fortnite Season 8 and Battle Pass explained the cost

Season 8 came with a series of new additions and changes for all players, including:

  • An update of tropical pirate maps, with new sites called Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps, as well as a volcano
  • The pirate cannons added along the map, which can shoot cannon balls and players
  • Lava (which damages players) and volcanic breathing (which drives players into the air)
  • New Party Assist function to help complete challenges with friends
  • He left the X-4 Stormwing aircraft, as well as elements of Sneaky Snowman, Chiller Grenade, Shopping Cart and Kart Todo Terreo.
  • Layers of new season 8, pets and emotes

As before season 7, season 8 offers a number of new rewards, most of which are blocked behind the Battle Pass property.

While you can unlock a select number two of the previous ones with a free pass, only with a Battle Pass that unlocks a second level of elusive rewards.

The Battle Pass is a premium element and, again, it costs 950 V-Bucks. You can buy a package of 1,000 V-Bucks for about £ 8 / $ 10, or win V-Bucks in the game through a variety of activities.

The Battle Pass Season 8 offers the following unlocking immediately:

  • Two suits
  • 50% XP personal match
  • 10% of friends increase or XP
  • Access to more challenges

These challenges are introduced weekly, from performing certain types of activities or finding hidden objects on the map and, by completing their studies, helps you improve your Battle Pass, give you those rewards faster.

Both these Challenges of Battle Pass and the rewards can be unlocked for the time you are doing, but once you start a new season, your progress will restore and begin a new set of rewards and rankings.

List of Fortnite Season 8 fur

Blackheart skins (Level 1, new styles unlocked with XP progress)

Hybrid skins (Level 1, new styles unlocked with XP progress)

Skin of the Sidewinder (Tier 23)


Pel peely (Level 47)


Beanskin (Level 71)


Main master covers (Level 87 and 99)


Skins of luxury (Level 100, new styles unlocked with opponenets have overtaken progress)

Finally, the fur of Fortnite Season 8, Emotes and Battle Pass are here.

With it comes a new set of Fortnite Challenges weekly, the last one included

Pirate camp sites and giant facial sites in the jungle, desert and snow.

There are also Discovery Battle Star encounters to find too.

The emitted list of Fortnite Season 8 emitted

There are many new emotes in Season 8, as you expect. Here is a list:

  • Hello friend emote (Level 14 – Free)
  • Conga Emote (Level 31)
  • Snoozefest Emote (Level 46 – Free)
  • Nana Nana Emote (Level 63)
  • Hoop Master Emote (Level 95)

List of rewards of the Battle of Fortnite Season 8

There are two types of rewards available: those who have the Free Pass and those who have the Pass of the Battle, so keep this in mind you have an eye on rewards.

In summary, the rewards of season 8 include:

  • 1300 V-Bucks
  • Two pets
  • Six Wraps
  • Four axes
  • Five emotes
  • Two toys
  • Four gliders
  • Six backups
  • Five ants
  • 13 Sprays
  • Three music tracks

Here are the others …

List of rewards of the Battle of Fortnite Season 8

What were the rewards of the previous Fortnite Battle Pass?

If you are curious to read about previous Battle Pass rewards and those available from the Free Pass, here's a list of previous unlocks from Season 3.

Rewards of the Battle Pass of Season 3

LevelBattle passFree pass
150% personal XP increase, 10% XP friend increase, mission specialist team, challenge challengesNothing
210% XP personal impulse, 5x free throw for the next seasonChallenges of free level
3Egg Flag IconNothing
4V-Bucks 100xNothing
5Wow emoticonNothing
6Pistol Deleted loading screenDonut banner icon
7The sawtooth picking toolNothing
8Emoticon of the thiefNothing
9Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
10Flag flag imageGreeting emoticon
11V-Bucks 100xNothing
12The loading screen of the harvest toolsNothing
13Worm banner iconNothing
14Afflicted emoticon "Emoticon of love
15Rainbow Rider PlannerNothing
16Flag Paw Image & # 39;Nothing
17Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
18Boombox EmoticonV-Bucks 100x
19V-Bucks 100xNothing
20Rainbow parachute pathsNothing
21Sun banner iconNothing
22Rocket Ride Emoticon & # 39;Precision back bling
23Lord Rust's clothesNothing
24Hawk Flag IconNothing
25Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
26Banner banner iconGood game emoticon & # 39;
27V-Bucks 100xNothing
28Tactical Shotgun "loading screenNothing
29Puppy's Flag Icon "Nothing
30Bush emoticonBattle Royale loading screen
31Take to EmoteNothing
32Season of 1000x XPNothing
33Impulse of friend XP 10%Nothing
34Icon of the moon and clouds flagV-Bucks 100x
35V-Bucks 100xNothing
36Ultramarine parachute pathsNothing
37Season of 1000x XPNothing
38Awww & # 39; emoticonHawk Flag Icon
39Carbon shakerNothing
40Crab banner iconNothing
41Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
42Top hat banner iconPositivity emoticon
43V-Bucks 100xNothing
44Brite Unicorn load screenNothing
45Season of 1000x XPNothing
46Thumbs Up Emoticon & # 39;Eva collection tool
47Astro & bling backNothing
48Thumbs Down Emoticon & # 39;Nothing
49Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
50All Star Skydiving trailsStar ball image star & # 39;
51V-Bucks 100xNothing
521 HP emoticonNothing
53Season of 1000x XPNothing
54Flag Image & # 39; Wing & # 39;A + Emoticon & # 39;
55Moonwalker outfitsNothing
56Season of 1000x XPNothing
57Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
58Hot dog emoticonNothing
59V-Bucks 100xNothing
60Minigun load screenNothing
61Season of 1000x XPNothing
62Snake flag iconNothing
63Emote of the best companionsNothing
64Hoarder emoticonNothing
65Impulse of friend XP 10%Nothing
66Teddy bear flag iconNothing
67V-Bucks 100xNothing
68Bubble parachuting pathsNothing
69Season of 1000x XPNothing
70Dark Voyager Dress & # 39;Nothing
71Dark Matter "back blingNothing
72Rain Cloud & # 39; banner iconNothing
73Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
74200 IQ Play Emoticon & # 39;Nothing
75V-Bucks 100xNothing
76Raptor's loading screenNothing
77Season of 1000x XPNothing
78Wolf flag iconNothing
79Trusty Pickup Tool No. 2 & # 39;Nothing
80Flaming Rage emoticonNothing
81Impulse of friend XP 10%Nothing
82Happy Ball Icon & # 39;Nothing
83V-Bucks 100xNothing
84Flames parachuting pathsNothing
85Season of 1000x XPNothing
86Kaboom EmoticonNothing
87Elite Agent & # 39; OutfitNothing
88Lightning & # 39; banner iconNothing
89Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
90Majestic EmoticonNothing
91V-Bucks 100xNothing
92Load screen of the Elite agentNothing
93Season of 1000x XPNothing
94Mace & # 39; banner iconNothing
95Emote of the reboundNothing
96Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
97Emoticon number 1 & # 39;Nothing
98V-Bucks 100xNothing
99Dinosaur Skull & # 39; banner iconNothing
100The Reaper's Outfit, Battle Tier 100 Reptas do PaseNothing

Rewards of the Season Pass of Season 4

LevelBattle passFree pass
150% Impulse XP personal, 10% Impulse friend XP, Equipment Carbide, Team Battlehawk, Challenges weekly AccessNothing
210% impulse of friend XP, 5 free titles for Season 5Start Challenges
3Spray of X MarkNothing
4100 V-BucksNothing
5Dynamite emoticonNothing
6Loading screen loadingI drip the icon of the paint banner
7Gale Force pickaxeNothing
8Lighting, camera, action emoticonNothing
9Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
10Spray RainbowStandard edition of new bling
11100 V-BucksNothing
12Rex freight screenNothing
13Triangle banner iconNothing
14GG Smiley sprayAngel's emoticon
15Sugar Crash gliderNothing
16Spraypaint banner iconNothing
1710% impulse of friend XP, 5 free titles for Season 5Nothing
18Emoticon ZZZ100 V-Bucks
19100 V-BucksNothing
20Skydiving science-fiction retro trailsNothing
21Banner dog icon bowlNothing
22Spray of heartsEmoticon of teamwork
23Technical equipmentNothing
24Baby Seal emoticonNothing
25Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
26Duck flag iconOrange Justice Emote
27100 V-BucksNothing
28Load leader loading screenNothing
29Chalk Spray outlineNothing
30XP Season 1000Drop-loading display supply
31Popcorn emoteNothing
32Banner icon close upNothing
3310% impulse of friend XP, 5 free titles for Season 5Nothing
34Circle sprayer100 V-Bucks
35100 V-BucksNothing
36Paint spray Paint parachutingNothing
37XP Season 1000Nothing
38Spray lootedChain banner icon
39Wings of glider of valueNothing
40Flag icon of GranadaNothing
41Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
42Arrow sprayerEmoticon of the rainbow
43100 V-BucksNothing
44Leviathan load screenNothing
45XP Season 1000Nothing
46Emoticon drawn upLollipopper collection tool
47Zoey clothesNothing
48Spray ride realNothing
49Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
50Skydiving RaysImage of the toothbrush
51100 V-BucksNothing
52Chicken emoticonNothing
53XP Season 1000Nothing
54Abstract sprayRespect emote
55Goodie Bag back to blingNothing
56Do it! sprayNothing
57Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
58Pencil banner iconNothing
59100 V-BucksNothing
60Aerosol Assassins load screenNothing
61XP Season 1000Nothing
62Three flare sprayNothing
63Hype emoteNothing
64Crabby emoticonNothing
65Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
66Window sprayerNothing
67100 V-BucksNothing
68Skydiving heartsNothing
69Lightning banner iconNothing
70Trap warning sprayNothing
71Dress of valueNothing
72Raven sprayNothing
73Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
74Angry emoticonNothing
75100 V-BucksNothing
76Zoey upload scriptNothing
77Movie camera banner iconNothing
78Spray kissingNothing
79Bold airplaneNothing
80Mask sprayNothing
81Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
82Bow banner iconNothing
83100 V-BucksNothing
84Stellar shooter parachute routesNothing
85Brunner Gunner loading screenNothing
86Teknique sprayNothing
87Squad leader teamNothing
88Flag of bird iconNothing
89Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
90Banana emoticonNothing
91100 V-BucksNothing
92Raven's cargo screenNothing
93Arrow flag iconNothing
94Spray of the tunnelNothing
95Emote of Groove JamNothing
96Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
97Celebrate or emoticonNothing
98100 V-BucksNothing
99Spray of Ops ShadowNothing
100Omega Outfit, Omega ChallengesNothing

Season 5 Rival of battle pass

LevelBattle passFree
150% XP pairing, 10% paired XP friend, Huntress Outfit, Drift Outfit, Challenge challengesNothing
210% Personal XP Impulse, 5x Free Handlers for next season.Crazy Castle Spray
3Naughts and Crosses Banner IconNothing
4100 V-BucksDrift load screen
5Go emoticonNothing
6Sushi SprayDab Emote de Gentleman
7Cruiser GliderNothing
8Shopping flag iconLet's Rock Emoticon
95% Impulse Friend XPNothing
10100 V-BucksNothing
11Basketball toyFlag flag icon
12Boogie SprayNothing
13Norse emblem loader screenNothing
14Banner iconUplink Back Bling
15Baloon AxNothing
16Pool Party EmoticonNothing
1710% Impulse personal XPNothing
18100 V-Bucks100 V-Bucks
19Abstrakt loading screenNothing
20Flashlights ContrailNothing
21Flag of mask iconNothing
22Straberry leg sprayDownshift glider
23Redline OutfitNothing
24Thorny emoticonNothing
255% Friend Boost XPNothing
26100 V-BucksPixels Royale Spray
27Golf Ball ToyNothing
28Huntress load screenNothing
29Fight GG SprayNothing
301000 XP seasonLug Ax
31You are impressed EmoteNothing
32Hat flag iconNothing
33Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
34Sun Strider loading screen100 V-Bucks
35100 V-BucksNothing
36Runic CounterNothing
37Stop the emoticonNothing
38Bo Vibes SprayPool Party Back Bling
39Conquista GliderNothing
40Durrr SprayNothing
41Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
42100 V-BucksIcon of dinosaur banner
43Beach Ball ToyNothing
44Jailbirds load screenNothing
451000 XP seasonNothing
46Emoticon pregnantEmote calculated
47Sun Strider teamNothing
48False door sprayNothing
49Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
50Golf ball iconHigh explosive load screen
51100 V-BucksNothing
52Alarm emoticonNothing
531000 XP seasonNothing
54Spray driftGlitch in the System Contrail
55Rearguard Back BlingNothing
56Ice banner iconNothing
57Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
58100 V-BucksTrap emoticon
59Fancy Golf Ball ToyNothing
60Flytrap load screenNothing
611000 XP seasonNothing
62Flag of palm trees iconSpray Laser Chomp
63Slip EmoteNothing
64100 V-BucksNothing
65Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
66Omen loading screenNothing
67Emoticon TatteredNothing
68Ice crystals ContrailNothing
69Icon of the spider trayNothing
701000 XP seasonNothing
71Sledhammer OutfitNothing
72Nordic flame sprayNothing
73Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
74100 V-BucksNothing
75Fancy Beach Ball ToyNothing
76Checkered flag flag iconNothing
77Red Knight load screenNothing
78Tasty emoticonNothing
79Splashdown GliderNothing
80Potato spatulaNothing
81Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
82Snorkel banner iconNothing
83100 V-BucksNothing
84TP ContrailNothing
85Bad emoticon from AppleNothing
86Bandolier load screenNothing
87Rook OutfitNothing
88Cobra Banner IconNothing
89Impulse of friend XP 5%Nothing
90100 V-BucksNothing
91Fancy BasketballNothing
92Emoticon StinkyNothing
93Tomatehead load screenNothing
94Delicate sprayNothing
95Emote castNothing
96Personal impulse of 10% XPNothing
97Pot of Gold EmoticonNothing
98100 V-BucksNothing
99Spray of skull and beardNothing
100Ragnarok Outfit, Ragnarok ChallengesNothing

Rewards of the Battle Pass Season 6

Battle Pass rewards list of Fortnite Season 7

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