Monday , May 10 2021

The Kenyans are still alive at the ICC World League

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Now he is under mathematics for Kenya, the United States and Singapore as they fight for second place in the 2018 World Cricket League Group III in Oman.

The Six Nations Championship is being used as a classifier for Group II of the Cricket World League next year. Two teams will be promoted.

On Saturday, Kenya fought to beat Singapore for 12 races for its second consecutive victory to keep up their hopes of qualifying with life.

Oman was the first team to seal their place in Group II next year after claiming their fourth consecutive win on Friday, crushing the United States for four wickets.

The victory saw Oman surpass the group by eight points drawn from four games, while the United States, who have three wins and one defeat, have six points.

Singapore and Kenya, who have two wins and two losses each, have four points each. However, Asians have a better aggregate and thus remain in third place.

Kenya is fourth followed by Uganda and Denmark in two points and zero respectively.

Kenya has to beat Denmark with a good start today and hopes that Singapore will beat the United States on Monday for a low fee or number of wickets.

Kenya lost to Oman for five wickets and the United States for 158 went on to complicate his career.

The win for Kenya and Singapore will see them tie with the United States in six points each with the delayed rate left to resolve who joins Oman in Group II next year.

The victory for EE. UU. We have eight points to tie with Oman, who still has a date in Uganda on Sunday.

Against Singapore, Kenya, who won the shot chosen for the battle to score 324/9 (50 surpluses), but their opponents achieved 312.

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