Tuesday , July 27 2021

The pressure gives Mark Allen when he falls from NI Open to Niu Zhuang

Mark Allen's miserable form in the Northern Ireland Open continued after he retired on the first obstacle of China's Niu Zhuang yesterday.

The champion of Mestres Allen had been overtaken in the Waterfront, overtaken by 4-1 in boxes by Zhuang, who was more clinical and kept his nerve in a narrow box to win.

In front of the large crowd of the house, all those who expected the man from Antrim, who did not win more than two weeks at the International China Championship, Allen could only get a break in response to his sensational opponent.

Zhuang, ranked 90 in the world, fired the breaks of 122 and 71 on his way to victory, retaining any attempt by Allen to mount a comeback in the final stages of the encounter.

The first of them came in the second frame, Zhuang taking the first in relatively simple form before commanding the second with the only break from the game.

Allen took the third with his 88 and, in fact, was not going to go as bad as suggested by the scoreboard.

However, it was overtaken to finish the tie, Zhuang added that the rest in the room to take it within a victory frame and, after a battle of ding-dong in the fifth frame that looked at a point to be in favor of Allen, Zhuang managed to do your way to a tough victory.

The wonder, at 24 is simply the next great player of China to announce in the world circuit, will go to the second round where the winner of Hammad Miah or Basem Eltahhan will play, while Allen will direct to the United Kingdom Championship after a week of duration and perhaps much rest is necessary.

After the meeting, the man from Antrim admitted that the pressure of the event had come to him, believing that he is now becoming a recurring subject when he plays in front of his followers.

"I did not feel I made a lot of mistakes and I thought I played a good snooker, but I put a lot of pressure on myself so it was good in this tournament when I should be trying to play snooker," he admitted for 32 years. .

"In most events you only play for yourself but here I really want to try and win for the fans. I lost a black out of their place and at this level you can not do it. Maybe I'm still in 20 years will pass by me!

"I gave my best but I am very disappointed to leave my home tournament. My form is very good and my overall game is in good shape although I am going to the UK Championship with many positive aspects.

Raymond Fry

It was not a fairy mistake for Raymond Fry, his native Antrim partner eliminated 4-1 at the No.13 World Cup Luca Brecel in the first round.

Despite having his own in the first tables, tying the match to 1-1 after the first pair, the quality of his Belgian adversary came, much to Fry's displeasure.

A break of 72 in the third quarter had Brecel at the front and a 93-level jump sealed the victory in the fifth to send his Fry home fan with much experience, but unfortunately he did not win.

However, there was a local winner on the first day, as Gerard Greene whipped Oliver Lines in England 4-0, accumulating three seconds in his path.

The Englishman, whose parents are from Belfast, posted two breaks of 51 and an additional break of 81 in a dominant performance that establishes a second round match-up with Ricky Walden or Matthew Stevens.

Elsewhere in the Waterfront, it was good news for defense champion Mark Williams, who finally found some of the ways that led him to win this time last year to see his opening round opponent, Alfie Burden, 4-2.

The Welshman was not very lucky since he became world champion in May, but found enough to defeat Burden, largely in part to two exquisite 91 guidelines.

The triumph was not without his drama, however, with exasperated Williams in a moment that offered a joke to a member of the crowd, suggesting they could do better.

Meanwhile, Ali Carter won his first round for progress, but John Higgins and Barry Hawkins lost their games.

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