Wednesday , May 12 2021

The "Vape God" has just filmed Fox News in the defense of Juul

A blogger from Barstool Sports examined Fox News during a segment on Thursday, arguing in defense of the coup "fat clouds."

While appearing in the Fox Inaugural night program, the Laura Ingraham night newspaper, Tom Scibelli, known online as "Tommy Smokes", headed his head with the adventurous Dr. Janette Nesheiwat.

Described by Fox as a "venerable millennium," 22-year-old Scibelli, wearing a "Vape God" hat, repeatedly struck his electronic cigar while praising the vaping lifestyle.

"They call me the" Colossus of the Cloud. "Help me my swag. Help my drip. I love traveling," said Scibelli. "It's really good to get chicks, too. I started a year ago and has not gone back since then."

Given that Dr. Nesheiwat tried to explain the possible health risks associated with vaping, Scibelli could be crashing with two Juul eucarettes and causing a little cough in the air.

"Tommy is there, moaning in the air," said Dr. Nesheiwat in reply.

Scibelli called cough a "signal of strength," pointing to the dangers of traditional cigarettes.

"Cigarettes are bad for you. You would never do anything bad for the lungs or anything," said Scibelli. "I just go to Juul."

After having informed by Dr. Nesheywat that the habit can also produce scars and inflammation in the lungs, a problem called "lung lung," Scibelli responded by defending delicious popcorn.

"I love popcorn," Scibelli added.

Ingraham seems to have invited Vape God to the show after suffocating a satirical video in which Scibelli shows his "sick Juul tricks."

Scibelli also offered additional information on Twitter, revealing that producers may not be able to see it correctly before convoking it to the program.

The Fox segment comes as vaping and Juul, one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarette products, faces criticism from the FDA for its popularity among teens and children.

In an attempt to limit the use of their products among juveniles, Juul announced on Monday they would close several of their social network accounts in the US. UU.

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