Tuesday , July 27 2021

The warriors suspend Green for a game after the confrontation with their Durant partner. | Sport

The Golden State Warriors suspended Draymond Green for the Tuesday match against Atlanta Hawks without paying for harmful conduct to the team after an argument on Monday night with teammate Kevin Durant. The general director, Bob Myers, did not want to offer details about the behavior of the All-Star advance that was considered worthy of a suspension. Myers and Warriors coach Steve Kerr collaborated in the decision.

"We just feel that this has risen to the level of acting the way we did," said Myers, noting Green: "He was professional. He loves to play basketball, which is all he can ask for."

The Warriors made the announcement hours before the Tuesday night game against the Hawks, which Golden State won 110-103, with Durant marking a 29-point team. "I will keep [the Green suspension] At home, that's what we do here, "said Durant after the game." I'm not trying to give anybody any title. What happened, happened. We are trying to move forward, we are only trying to play basketball. "

In the final seconds of regulation during the extraordinary defeat of 121-116 against the Clippers, Green got a rebound and, with Durant calling the ball, he dribbled the length of the track in the traffic and lost control because the Warriors failed to shoot. off. During it was visible on the camera visibly disturbed immediately afterwards.

Then, returning to the bank waiting for the extra period to begin, the two negotiated words and gestures with Klay Thompson sat between them and Andre Iguodala, DeMarcus Cousins ​​and others trying to calm the situation. The tension is understood to have continued in the garment after the game.

The Warriors won three of the last four NBA finals, but Myers said they did not make the perfect team. "It's hard to win a championship. You can not afford anything in your dressing room, in the narrative. This team did a good job with that," said Myers. "I know it may seem as if it was easy over the last for many years. It's not. If you're in our clothes, if you're in our organization, it's difficult.

Myers and Kerr have long held the ardent Green nature that leads to technical fouls. Myers still sat next to Green next to Oracle Arena in the Oakland Coliseum when Green was suspended for a crucial defeat for game 5 to LeBron James and the Cavaliers in the NBA finals of 2016. The Warriors ended up losing in seven. Green also apologized after complaining at Kerr during a game break in Oklahoma City in February 2016.

"My feeling at Draymond and its impact on our team does not change. These things happen sometimes throughout a NBA season," said Kerr. "We treat it again, internally, therefore, the conversations that are happening or what happened are our business."

This was not the first verbal argument between Durant, the two final NBA Finals MVP and Green. In another loss of overtime, 109-106 in Sacramento in February 2017, they screamed and discussed near the bank.

Kerr said he spoke to Green, who was part of the recruiting group that worked to win during the Oklahoma City Bay area before the 2016-17 season. "They won championships together, they were teammates, now this is the third season, they were teammates in the Olympic team," Kerr said. "Draw your own conclusions".

Durant will become a free agent this summer, and there were speculations that the Warriors could leave. Kerr said the situation did not affect the team. "It's not the least," he said. "Nobody talks about Kevin's free agency. It does not bother any of us.

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