Saturday , April 17 2021

Xiaomi Smart Notepad released for CNY 799 to help digital transfer of written texts: Technology News, Firstpost

The Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is known for launching a variety of products in China through the multiple branches it has.

The latest product to be announced in China is a smart notebook. This device will help you clear the notes in a notebook and then transfer them safely, without the need to write.

The Bamboo Slate Portable Smart Notepad & # 39; as it is called, it is at the price of CNY 799 And it's aimed at those of you who still love to write long notes by writing notes on their smartphones. The notepad, designed by Taohualin Technology, includes functions such as cloud synchronization and the original calligraphy restoration.

Xiaomi Bamboo Smart. Image: Xiaomi

Xiaomi Bamboo Portable Slat Smart Notepad. Image: Xiaomi

Bamboo slate is a fine notebook and tablet with real paper that can be replaced by any other paper. The smart notepad has special software developed for iOS, Android and Windows 10, where the original writing can be digitally transferred to the connected smart device by pressing a key.

It uses electromagnetic resonance technology to build a stable and precise magnetic field at the bottom of the device.

I agree with GizChinaWhen you write on paper, the displacement sensor incorporated in the electromagnetic pen captures and registers the signal in writing in real time. It supports handwriting tracing, fragmentation of digital documents, free composition of paragraph contents, adding and deleting handwriting and color writing. You can convert calligraphy into .TXT and .DOC files.

This seems to be just a product from China for now and there is no indication of whether this will come to India.

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