Tuesday , June 22 2021

6 reasons why Huawei Mate 20 by surprise of the year Weekly trend

It's like a story of a kung fu movie from the 80's or 90's. Martial arts masters of America, South Korea and Japan face each other. The Chinese boy watches and tries to get involved in the game. But he is expelled and placed in the category of beginners.

He inexorably trains even more when it's over. Finally, the foreigner gains and gains the recognition of the public. Huawei has been in the Slovak market for several years and had some models that did not offend. In the spring, however, it came with the P20 Pro, which moved the limits of how the device can shoot.

Throughout the year, the Chinese brand for the first time has been the second position in the world ranking of smart phone sales and has surpassed Apple. Now he showed the autumn cherry on the cake. Mate 20 Pro is a surprise of the year and also launched this year's iPhones to a gray corner, at least innovating. Is a smart smartphone perfect? Of course not. Was it a joy to use it? Of course, yes.

The Mate 20 Pro has the advantage of being tested because it has not been too demanding and demanding. Although several weeks before its introduction they began to disseminate interesting information on the Internet, many did not consider them as important or credible. That's why it was a big surprise when it was confirmed and a lot of innovative novels appeared on the stage and improved the popular P20 Pro brother. My novel has been interesting for several reasons. I chose six of the biggest ones.

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