Saturday , April 17 2021

A perfect father does not exist. New Hyundai Santa Fe, fortunately, yes

How many times have you heard that, as a parent, should you do it or that? And how many times have you found the opposite? Theories are good, but parenting is practical. And in practice, we can not think of everything. We are in Hyundai well aware of this and a place of "pleasure" that we bring you a solution: the new Hyundai Santa Fe, which, thanks to a series of security technologies, has its mistakes and can protect your child on the road.

The baby's eye and other safety features

If you forget to add a bottle for a trip, nothing will happen. It is another that to forget the boy in the car. That's why Santa Fe's new security system is Rear Occupant Alert. Its set of motion sensors integrated in the cabin takes care of the space in the vehicle. If you've forgotten a baby after a busy day or during an important phone call in the back seat, the new Santa Fe will warn you of an inexorable trick.

Source: Hyundai Slovakia

The new Santa Fe is also equipped with another useful Safe Outit Assist system. This will warn you or completely block the door if there is a risk of collision with the vehicle that comes next. The child can not enter busy traffic.

In addition to two novelties aimed at protecting children, the new Santa Fe completed a complete set of next-generation electronic helpers. A comfortable and safe ride is provided by intelligent cross-control, body system, wireless sensors on both sides of the vehicle, pedestrian automatic braking logs and perpendicular parking, you will appreciate the spacial guard behind the vehicle and the camera 360 degrees. Long-haul comfort in a perfectly soundproof cabin will provide premium Krell multimedia system with integrated navigation and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto / Live Services.

Source: Hyundai Slovakia

Even security can be beautiful

Whatever the new Santa Fe is full of security technology, the first is an elegant and mature design and a distinctive front mask equipped with superior LED reflectors. The current generation has grown, more seats will have passengers in the rear seats, more space has room for luggage. Comfort in the cabin is highlighting the high quality materials and traditionally excellent manufacturing. As with the body, the interior design also corresponds to the luxury of this family SUV.

The whole family will move

Although unlike the previous generation of Santa Fe, with an alternative to the body, he also wanted to accommodate those who prefer seven seats. In the new Santa Fe, therefore, you will find a couple of folding seats, making the SUV a great solution for even larger families.

Source: Hyundai Slovakia

Comfort, quality, space and great guarantee

The new Hyundai Santa Fe added a significant added value in terms of travel comfort, interior design, passengers and luggage, active and passive security and multimedia. But he left something of his successful predecessor. Four-wheel drive and a five-year warranty without limiting mileage.

More information about the new Hyundai Santa Fe and the competition where you can win this car during the whole week with a full tank can be found by all parents cared for at

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