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Actor Jiří Pecha died

At the age of 75, Czech actor Jiří Pecha died.

The artists played in the adaptation of the legendary grandmother of Božena Němcová and in the Babroesky comedy. Report Czech television.

He was born in Třebíč on November 12, 1944. He trained as a mechanic and with a condition that was not fulfilled. He had to graduate, so he had to be admitted to the JAMU theater college in Brno.

Here he met his cast actor, Bolek Polívko. He entered his professional life with goose in the String Theater.

Closes also played in Pupend, we must also help in the Dedication or the Kurvahohiguttag and in its continuation.

He also portrayed characters in the Angel of the Lord, as well as in hell with the princess.

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