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After all, the local team triumphed

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16. 11. 2018, at 5:00 p.m.


1: 0, 0: 1, 1: 0

Poprad winter stadium


Objectives and assistants: 19. Paukovcek (Karalahti, Bondra), 49. Paukovcek (Koyš) – 35. Marshall (Češík, Ďatelinka). judge: Frederick, Goga – Orolin, Durmis. viewers: 1 402.

POP list:

Petrov, Salija, Fabian (C), Хavoda, Erving, Karalahti, Česnekek – Takac, Mlynarovič (A), Kundrik – Abdul, Zagrapan, macík

BBY List:

Barlow (Williams) – Miller, Marshall, Mihalik (A), Kubka, Nemcik, Sojka – Selleck, Higgs, Asselin – Lichanec, Zigo, R. Varga


So this was really a heart attack for the Popradcans. In the third third he returned to be an excellent hockey with many possibilities. Popradčania, after 49 minutes, finally decided to win, Paukovcek, which is today thanks to the goal of Poprad in this game. Barani tried at the end, but it did not work very well at the door. Three points are below the Tatra.

Thank you for your attention.

59:48 min

Popradans received a hard drive, but Bondra did not hit him on the exposed door.

59:34 min

The defeat of the disc finished with a companion who wanted to shoot, but the objective was turned aside. We have a moment of relaxation for Bystric.

59:15 min

Baroos is leaving the door, starting with the podium of Banskobystricky!

58:44 min

The Byzantines begin another attacking action, but they are still very scarce. No other band rank was 100 percent.

57:57 min

The hard shot of Macik from Fabian's circles to Baroš Concrete had a significant impact on the collection.

57:33 min

Asselin had some of his abilities, but only then threw the disk to the assault area and was assumed by the domestic hockey players.

56:47 min

Salija defended Zigo, and the puck then expelled from the middle band. Bystričan will cut the time.

56:20 min

Abdul was a skater for the attacking puck in the third offensive, but he did not have the opportunity to win Kubka, who was defensive.

55:54 min

Fero was already skipping Gabor in front of the goal. His direct shot, however, was directed only to the Voors casket and the puck did not fall. Gabor showed some good movements later.

54:32 min

Wenceslas left the room on the left. Behind him, Petran was still under his belt, but the attacker Poprad fired directly. The puck returned to where Macek was, but it did not hit fast. Baro assigned an important procedure.

53:51 min

Michal Kabáč fired immediately from the right circle, but his sharp end was instantly found by Vošvr in his trap. Not even indicated that the guests could arrive.

The day of today will feature 1 402 spectators.

53:26 min

After the inaccurate Bond shot turns the game of the guests back, Kabáč scored with a bend on the left wing, but his ending was directed to the protective net.

52:49 min

The dangerous dangerous mite of Mihallikov was mainly through Gabor, but fortunately for the house he was outside the doors.

52:23 min

The popraders were running a three to two account. Kundrík took an action on the right. But he did not have a great chance of winning, so he chose the shot that ended in Baroš.

52:08 min

Stantien's coach takes a little time.

52:07 min

Popradčania still resists increasing pressure from the guests. But now they have to deal with a prohibited release.

51:52 min

A crossing crossed Miller, who was in the left circle, but Higgs' long waist did not work.

50:46 min

Fabian did not stop the crossing of Tomas Zig, who continued and threatened Vošvrda between the circles. The Czech goalkeeper pushed the disc into the plexiglass.

50:19 min

The Bystrians came home under pressure and the disk was in absolute power in the assault zone. So far, it does not seem like an opportunity.

49:14 min

Banskobystrians immediately actively attacked, before the door changed Bartanus, who wanted to run the puck flight, but Wonder surprised.

48:33 min

Poprad scored goals!
The local team returned to the bottom line! After an unpleasant situation that arose after the Plaza de Koyos was rounded up, Barroso had no control under control. LUKÁŠ PAUKOVČEK took advantage of Barošov Betón and from there came the blow to the door!
Assistance: Patrik Koyš.

48:01 min

Fabian wanted to shoot after the Paukovcek pass, his shot was blocked, but Poprad still maintains the offensive zone.

47:17 min

Presidential game for Poprad. Tomáš Zigo is 2 minutes behind the game.

46:51 min

Gilbert Gabor was forgotten by the popular defense between the circles. After the firing shot from the first, but only directed the prepared Vošvrda stick.

45:45 min

The Byzantine ones played of unexpected way a couple of occasions, but they stayed in the band. Faille directed the disc in front of the door where he had Feliz but could not fire.

45:05 min

Karalahti blocked the Higgs shot behind the left circle and the puck quickly sent to the defensive area.

44:23 min

Karalahti did not pass a pass to Sellecka, who sent the record between the Bartanus circles. His immediate and fierce shot swept over the crossbar.

43:56 min

After a long time, the chief referee finally gave Jan Ťavoda two minutes to the attack. But it seemed like a clean knock in the opponent.

43:38 min

Miller relaxed in the left circle and wanted to pass, but could not do it. The action of the barons ended, the puck moved to the protective network.

42:57 min

Macek managed to defend himself behind his hockey stick, penetrated the right circle and fired. Puck, however, pointed at the door.

42:19 min

The ladybug hit the disk in the left circle. His attempt was directed just outside Porta VoSvrdna. The Byzantine ones then lost the band.

41:26 min

Faille directed a pass to the left, where Andrej Šťastný was ready. His shot was sent out of the game. Vošvrda.

41:00 min

Jindrich Abdul was already in a good position to shoot, but he was defeated by the perfect defense of defender Sloboda.

40:19 min

Samuel Takáč pulled a good crowd away from the crowd. After a short tussle with the game,

40:01 min

The third third began.

The middle part of the game also brought an attractive hockey look. In the second third we saw a goal, but Marshall was in the minute 35.
The third third will begin at 6:48 p.m.

40:00 min

Second third arrived.

39:30 min

After a loss in the local game, puck was served as a railing for Radoslaw Macek. He approached his goal, but yelled at the defensive player who had returned.

38:53 min

Koyš left the hosts on his defensive area, but finally the puck in the hockey stick failed.

38:08 min

Lucky waited for the movement of Faille, and transferred the puck to his goal. His final after a very close distance ended directly in Vošvrdo.

37:43 min

Falla moved the puck in front of Mihail's ready target, but he did not use his predisposition for height and did not resolve. The bastard held the record with him.

36:52 min

Heizer appeared in the center circle, but did not manage to pass it, then Marshall could take her to the room.

36:13 min

Abdul wanted to relax in a position in the right circle, but finally did not jump on the defender Kubka and the puck could leave the band outside the band.

35:11 min

Mlynarović swapped the disc with Petran in the attack zone and then fired from the right circle. However, the shot flew over Porta Baroš.

34:20 min

Banská Bystrica scored a goal!
The guests from the beginning of the third third increased the pressure, but the game stabilized, but now there is a goal on the side of the barons. A hands-off and rather unobtrusive shot of the blue line of the palm BENJAMIN MARSHALL penetrated through Vošvrda and anchored in the lower corner of the goal.
Assistants: Matej Cešík, Ivan Ďatelinka.

34:03 min

Defender Brenden Miller picked up the disc between the circles and immediately sent him a balance. The voice worked with a stick and pushed the disk instead of the shoe.

33:19 min

Fabian sent for the first time a pass to Varga, from which he jumped. Consequently, Capt. Poprad caused a forbidden release in an unprecedented manner, and would be elected before voters.

32:52 min

Kaboć's image of the defender was smartly launched by Gabor, who finally got a hard drive, but the Voters stopped it with their concrete. Subsequently, the position of the attacking player in the goalkeeper was whistled.

32:14 min

The asset Gilbert Gabor immediately left the bank, worked the record in the assault zone and threatened the goal between the circles. However, the crowd was wrong and received the goal.

31:41 min

In the defensive zone of Poprad there was a smaller motet. The players did not know how to defeat the record, they finally took it home.

31:01 min

Karol Sloboda processed a pass between the circles and immediately scored goalkeeper Vošvrdu. The Poprad's goalkeeper responded quickly and pushed the disc into the chest.

30:39 min

Patrik Svitana took the record individually to the attack zone and tried it behind the defender of the right circle. The shot was blocked by Mihalik in the protective network.

30:01 min

Shortly after, Štefan Fabian and Gilbert Gabor left the game. Mourning was caused by Gabor, but the penalties of two minutes were granted by roughness.

29:30 min

Abdul went to the assault zone along with Koyos, but could not continue in action. There was a stance outside the box that Poprad pushes finally to the defensive area.

29:08 min

The scallop came to the blue line on the disk. Maybe he did not expect it, but he took full advantage of it. But his immediate capture of blue was flying together.

28:04 min

Salija closed the player, Macik took the record and sent it. Mihálik, however, had to play in the defense zone, the verdict was clear.

27:09 min

Great possibilities for Poprad! Bondra left the opponent in the left side and played perfectly on the defender completely free of Patrik Svitan. Ideally prepared the record, but only scored the perfect Baroos, who defeated this punishable opportunity.

26:55 min

The Banskobystrican will decide from the beginning of the second third of the deployment. Go on each diving right and make each fight.

26:19 min

The cavalry fired from the blue line could still be executed by Matej Cešík, but it also significantly deflated the disk, so that Všvrda could do it with concrete at the corner of the stairs.

25:56 min

For a long time it has been played without interruption. Marcel Petran, who fired from midfield and Baros, threatened sending the disk to the protective network.

25:22 min

The offtones came to a close in three against one. However, Faille did not send a good pass for Happy, who did not have a ready hockey lever.

24:54 min

Asselin was already ahead of the goalkeeper with a suit prepared by Brock Higgs. Salija, however, could easily pass the pass and steal it instead of the slipway.

24:12 min

Šermovačka at mantinel managed better guests. Brock Higgs took the record in his hockey stick and immediately struck it in the third offensive.

23:21 min

Svitana released the disc on the wings to defend Salij, who played for himself. The other Popradcans stopped changing, so the band failed to fight.

22:33 min

Svitana changed the pass from Fabian to the assault zone, but the release was prohibited.

22:05 min

Cross pass from Kubka did not reach Čechík, get rid of his home. However, it has been seen that customers have greatly increased activity since the beginning of the third, especially in the offensive zone.

21:32 min

Gabor jumped from the criminal bank and immediately processed the disk and sent it to the door. Češík operated there, but could not stop.

20:55 min

Search for voice for this Abdul soccer center. Poprad's attacker did not reach the record and it's freezing.

20:23 min

Selleck penetrated the left wing. He moved to the mantle where Asselin turned aside from the opposite side, but the disk did not.

20:01 min

The second third began.

The third start brought fast hockey with many shooting attempts and also eliminated. The game was close to savage at times, and Paukovček's 1 – 0 was a disappointment, however.
The second part of the game begins at 5:54 p.m.

20:00 min

The first third came.

19:39 min

In a personal fight, Karalahti and Paukovce headed and sebaisto fought against the disk and sent him to escape.

19:18 min

The Egyptians immediately won the offensive zone, Bartanus sprayed the double to the door, but it was not exactly missing.

18:42 min

Poprad scored goals!
What the local team did not achieve in the game, paradoxically managed to weaken them. LUKÁŠ PAUKOVČEK made a pass in the defensive line of Karalahti, making a quick kick shuffle, got the ball out of the first half and scored several times over the barcoš trap!
Assistants: Keni Karalahti, Dávid Bondra.

18:25 min

The Byzantine ones had to gain the band after a gradual attack, but also it was defeated. Erving was well preserved, which pushed the disk.

17:57 min

Stephan Fabian did not hit a 100 percent stroke for two minutes behind the knee.

17:18 min

Vaclav caught the blow on the defensive area and was already perceived peripherally that the Lichanec was running over him. He did it with skill, he crouched down, and Lichanca hit the mantillo.

4:42 p.m.

The attack did not arrive at the guests, the puck finished in the bank. Finally, after a few minutes, we get to the balance of the players on both sides.

3:50 min

Mlynarovič captured the fist forgotten by Slobodus, sent him blindly to the door, but there was no one. Then Puck flew across the ice rink.

15:18 min

Salij did not score a blue shot, but it was even more likely. The puck had a shot like this, he arrived at Takacov, who came close, but only in prepared barons!

14:54 min

The Popradčani are flinging with a puck in the band, but no shot at Baroš still has to send. Still, they still have the band.

14:10 min

In a short time, the exclusion of the barracks. 1 – 2 for Éric Faille.

13:22 min

Paukovcek sent an air pass to Koyos, but could not handle it on the back of the mantle. The guests are already complete and want to attack.

12:41 min

The watchman turned Koyša very well into the back of the mantle. The local team has not lost the disc. Mlynarovič tried it out of the left circle, but only directed to the Baroque Catch, which still does not have much work during this pop-up game.

12:12 min

Svitana was carrying a pattern in a blue line for Petran, which immediately shot, but his abrupt shot was only in the Banskobystrický hokejist and from there on the protective net.

11:16 min

Second bugger chase Michal Kabáč takes two minutes for the attack.

11:08 min

Takak was blocked after Mlynarovič's release of the right circle and could not reach the bar, although he was just before Baroš.

10:21 min

Svitana did not understand with Bondrom in the midfield that he wanted to send a pass. Eventually, however, he only came directly to Marshall.

09:49 min

Salij's attempt for a right-wing attack ended in the chest of Baroos goalkeeper, who did not allow the home to stand up and keep puck with him. A rest breaks up.

09:21 min

Roberto Varga and Lichanca went up the circle between the circles and ended immediately. His shot was verified by Voshvov for the real concrete.

09:06 min

In the personal javelin of Assault with the Assault, it was a bit sharper. During the game, φavoda pushed Asselina into the home door when he left the place. The game had to be interrupted.

08:25 min

Kubka attracted Koysa to the trap. He hit the stick on the back of the hatch, Koyš sent the record and immediately took the strong defender.

07:50 min

Takak took advantage of the fact that the Bystrians kept several in the goal line, pushed themselves to the goal and tried the attention of doorman Baroš, who had more time without surgery.

07:01 min

Mlynarovič was unable to process Fabián's play. Mlynarovič had a good time, but the disc could not get it, and the guests were free of freedom.

06:35 min

The squad of power will now be in your hands. Guillaume Asselin must be punished by too many ice players.

06:22 min

The pass by Faille crossed the intersection only with the hockey player of Marcel Petran, who instantly pushed the record.

05:53 min

Another puck ends out in the reach of hockey players. He also made a voice, who dismissed the mantillo.

05:20 min

The Barans combined in the band as Selleck entered an unconquered position. Puck won Takac and sent him from the mantle without commitment.

04:54 min

The Bartanus pass did not go through Bondra and then the hockey player over the house managed to stop the passport at Miller.

04:27 min

For now, play at an accelerated pace and can be solved by the barons that will play the game of power. Samuel Mlynarovič takes two minutes behind the shot.

03:36 min

Mlynarovič transferred the game Takača to the right circle, which wanted to leave Petran ready, but Brenden Miller returned to incorporate the circles.

02:48 min

Nemčikov's random line of the blue line came only to Salij guards. Zigo recovered it and the officials tried to create the dominion of the band.

02:26 min

Paukovcek sent a cross pass in the zone of assault to Macek, that only made that Baroš advances and the guests advance.

01:47 min

Gabor entered a fight with Čech, but Zigo recovered it after a good attack instead of the skating rink.

01:28 min

Bondra penetrated to the right and pushed almost to the front of the door. Then he had no intention with his bekhend, but he sent the puck below.

00:57 min

Mihalik slipped from the blue line between the circles, made his Bartanusa passport and immediately shot. However, its end was relatively fast blocked.

00:36 min

Mlynarovič tried to move on the left wing and managed to reduce the lead to Baroš Shyh. The HC 05 hatcher safely conceals the disk from the trap.

00:18 min

Petran sent a clever penetration pass to Mlynarovič from the defense zone, but Miller was well on the bench and won the first record.

00:01 min

The meeting just started.

Both units are already in the ice zone. Bastards in white uniforms and at home Popradčania in blue. Of course, first we hear the Slovak anthem.

Introductory Assemblies:

HK Poprad: Petrov, Salija, Fabian (C), Хavoda, Erving, Karalahti, Česnekek – Takac, Mlynarovič (A), Kundrik – Abdul, Zagrapan, macík

HC 05 iClinic Banská Bystrica: Barlow (Williams) – Miller, Marshall, Mihalik (A), Kubka, Nemcik, Sojka – Selleck, Higgs, Asselin – Lichanec, Zigo, R. Varga

judge: Frederick, Goga – Orolin, Durmis.

I wish a pleasant night and welcome to see the online transfer from Prediction of the 55th League Tipsport enter HK Poprad e HC 05 iClinic Banská Bystrica. Other teams will play the 22 rounds, but under Tatras we will see an interesting match disputed. Gathering from you 5:00 PM will be accompanied by Lukáš R. Ovšonka.

HK Poprad
Popradský káder definitely has a positive mood. After the injury, Jindřich Abdul returned to the team and, thanks to his exact intervention, Poprad defeated Liptovsky Mikulas 4: 2 in the last match. Yesterday, the leadership of HK Poprad announced the arrival of a new goalkeeper, as Luka Gračnar left the team during the break and the ham had a balanced goalkeeper. Under the Tatras, the goalkeeper, Patrik Nechvátal, 26, who worked for the last time in the EBEL multinational behind HC Orli Znojmo, was committed. Poprad, thanks to the last two wins, got his third position on the table, with 44 points and 63:46. On the other side of Košice, Popradcans lose five points and only one point ahead of the New Locks.

HC 05 iClinic Banská Bystrica
Banská Bystrica arrives at Tárras with a slight disappointment from the last encounter with New Locks, where it was decided to make the fourth or even the third. However, as Poprad was victorious, New York ice hockey fighters fought for fourth place. After the goals of Asselin and Higgs, the Banskobystričany match was really promising, but the local team ended up resolving in the long run. The underwater hockey players from Urpín had to meet up to a point, which had their place at the table, and they had 42 in their account. Before the sixth Nitra they have a convenient lead of seven points and they do not even lose contact with the equipment at the top of the table. Bystrica, besides the meeting with the Chatea before defeating the defeat, defeated 3: 1 on the domestic ice of DVTK Miškovec.

This season will be a second encounter. In the opening ceremony that took place on October 12 in poprad ice, the most successful Chamoísmo was fighting against the Baranov fairly clearly 5: 2. So they confirmed that the victories of last season were not random and Banskobystrians really "broke" their teeth in all the meetings of last season in Podtatranco. They just won once and 1: 2.

I cordially invite you to see the transfer online and I want you to have a good sporting experience.

Welcome to the online broadcast. The meeting will begin at 5:00 PM.

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