Thursday , July 29 2021

Amazon will build a new headquarters in New York and Arlington

Amazon will split its second one in two cities: New York and Arlington, Virginia.

Both offices should employ about 50,000 employees, the US Internet group said Tuesday.

Arlington is really the suburb of Washington DC. Amazon already employs several thousand people in New York and Washington. The group will remain headquartered in Seattle.

"The investment of Amazon in each new headquarters will support the creation of tens of thousands of other jobs in the surrounding communities," Amazon said in a statement. The recruitment of new employees to the new headquarters will begin next year.

The largest online marketer in the world plans to invest $ 5 million (4.44 million euros) in the new headquarters. The company also expects to receive important taxes and incentives.

The interest in the new headquarters of Amazon was more than 200 in the United States. In January, the group reduced the number of potential sites to 20 locations.

For a long time, New York and Arlington have been mentioned as the likely choice of Amazon. The official announcement on Tuesday ended months of speculation.

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