Saturday , April 17 2021

Bulhar, 68, died in a traffic accident in Benkovka

The accident before dawn required the life of Bulhar of 68 years. His vehicle went to the opposite direction.

The 68-year-old Bulgarian killed in a Friday traffic accident that spent a few minutes before 5 in the morning in Benkovice, the district of Vranov.

Police spokesman Jana Ligdayova of Prešov, police spokeswoman Jana Ligdayová said that a Bulgarian driver in a personal car from Fiat Brava, from the causes that were not seen before, headed toward the trench and reached the concrete bridge of a of family houses. "The man was later taken by a passenger driver, the car began to burn," he said, with the fact that the Bulgarian driver died in place.

"In the accident, about 200 euros of damage occurred in the vehicle, about 500 euros in the concrete flange. Due to a traffic accident, as well as its degree of guilt with a person in particular, it is in the process of clarification," concluded Ligday.

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