Monday , May 10 2021

CIS is behind Dank, Most-Hide criticizes his attitude

The conduct of Bugar and its majority of Hid considers that Tibor Bernajak is unobjectionable.

The president of the SNS deputies Tibor Bernajak, as well as all the deputies of the SNS, is the president of the party Andrej Dank. I am writing this in an opinion they sent to the media, criticizing Most Hid and its president, Béla Bugar. Most-Hid, in relation to the rigorous case of work, said that Danko should make a personal decision.

"The president of the Slovak National Party, Andrej Danko, only has a personal responsibility towards his family, a member of the CEI, a member of the CEI and the voters, and only the SNS and the voters vote in the confidence or distrust of his /" Bernadak said.

The conduct of Bugar and his Most-Hid are considered unobjectionable. "If Mr. Bugar and Most-Hide want to be targets, we expect such public calls also in relation to the president of the Slovak Republic, which, unlike Mr Danko, has already been the subject of a judicial decision on the illegal action," adds Bernadak.

He sent Dank's sms

The CIS also surprised that Bugar had just sent a message to Danko sms asking him to assume personal responsibility. This process is considered by the nationalists as unreliable.

"After three years of sending the presidency of the SNS to the coalition's partner who always maintained it, only the SMS, we find it unreliable during the difficult negotiations of V4 with France and Germany, calling him personal responsibility," he said. That the coalition council should serve.

"Because without the confidence in the coalition, it is impossible to work and manage the state," Bernák said. He adds that if Most-Hid thinks that the current coalition and government have no future, it can be shown by voting on the trust of the coalition's partner.

SND President Andrej Danko talks about uncomfortable confidence in the coalition, where he announced that the CEI will support the opening of a meeting of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, about which the opposition wants to try to withdraw from the position of the head of parliament.

He will also support his coalition partners for the opening of the meeting. "I want to have confidence or mistrust in my person, as much as the president of the parliament as a coalition partner," said Danko, saying that without the confidence of the coalition, it can not govern and work.

He repeated that he had done his rigorous work with the best conscience and conscience. "In accordance with applicable laws and the technical possibilities of the time," he added. Danko believes that we still live in the rule of law, and that the article in the newspaper or the state of Facebook can not accuse him, condemn and execute without reason.

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