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Creative Super X-Fi sold in the US UU. After being successful in Singapore with more than 99% of satisfied customers

Before the United States orders, they began on November 1, 2018 after Europe in January 2019 after the successful SXFI Amo in Singapore

Creative announced the prior acceptance of the new SXFI Amp order within the US. UU., After Europe in January 2019 after its Holographic Holography Super X-Fi was successfully launched in Singapore. The SXFI Amp is the first manifestation of the Super X-Fi technology, awarded with the best of CES 2018 (Forum AVS). The new SXFI Amp achieved a record success as soon as it was launched with a very high number of satisfied customers with more than 99%. SXFI Amp combines Super X-Fi technology with high-performance high-performance dongle dongle amplifier.

,, We are surprised with the Super X-Fi response. Thousands of people acquired their SXFI Amp in a few weeks. We received a positive response from a large group of random clients from different domains, remembering that they had experienced winters singing the Super X-Fi, while others were surprised to hear that even mono music was known as a live show. said Darran Nathan, director of sales of Super X-Fi.

"We are proud of the fact that more than 99% of customers feel great SXFI Amp! This was far ahead of my expectations. Frankly, I would like to have the results approaching 80%. Therefore, we would like to thank all our customers Your support. This is what our team has worked so hard. Make the sound of your headphones as authentic as reality. " said Sim Wong Hoo, general manager of Creative Technology and creator of the Super X-Fi technology.

"As for the remaining 1%, I will not give up. For the moment, we understand our needs better and we believe we can adapt the Super X-Fi technology to know them at the same time preserving their charm." "This is just the beginning of the trip. Like the black and white color transition, it is my personal goal to allow all headphone users on this planet to enjoy Super X-Fi magic. From CES 2018 on Las Vegas, we receive a large number of questions both in the U.S. and around the world about its availability and we are currently preparing to make this advance technology available in the U.S., Following Europe in January 2019 " Sim added Many critics and respected bloggers surprised the SXFI Amp, many of whom labeled the Editor's Choice and other more important classifications: Whether playing games, watching movies or listening to music, my audio experience was definitely better with the amplifier. With each device, it brought a realistic surround sound. Creative Super X-Fi Amp is the beginning of handset technology that works great and is really magic.– Trevor Tan, Associate Technical Editor, Straits Times, designating SXFI Amp "Straits Times Tech Editor Choice" in article The sound of the future.

"When listening to some of Michael Jackson's successes, I went back to the times of my youth when I closed the door and left it to my high fidelity system. The sound of the movies sounded a lot better, while the music videos and the recordings of the concerts made me feel coldPaul Mah, South China Morning Post, at Creative SXFI Amp comments: An amazing sound that will change the sound of your headphones.

The Singapore company, which has built its name in the field of digital audio long before others, speaks of technology as a miracle. After more than a week of tests, I can say that this is true. The sound is really awesome … "– Alfred Siew, editor of TechGoond, article: Creative delivers the magic of its SXFI amplifier. Awarding the SXFI Amp Editor's Award.

The question is: does the SXFI Amp comply with what it promises? I have to admit that yes. When connected, the sound comes as far as you would in a home theater. & # 39; & # 39;– Aloysius Low, CNET, in the article: "Creative SXFI Amp is finally here, the Creative Holography technology is real and it can soon be yours."

"With SXFI technology, you will never hear the sound." Sherwin Loh, GeekCulture, of the article "Geek Review: Creative SXFI AMP", naming it by the Editor's Choice Award.

The personality of the television screen in Singapore, Darren Lim also bought the SXFI Amp. His spontaneous response after listening to Super X-Fi was as follows: I remember seeing YouTube and I think it was Mr. Sim, who said it was equivalent to changing from black and white to color. I think it's not over … For the first time when I saw it online I thought the price of $ 219 was very low and I had some questions. Because it is a great step forward when compared to the transition to color television. So, I'd expect it to be a lot more. This price is available to everyone, and if you have not configured it, you are running. " Read the whole conversation here:

Mark Henninger (editor of the AVS forum, The Biggest Sound Enthusiast Forum in the world) said in Super X-Fi after listening to CEDIA 2018 in San Diego: "I have heard video games, and that sound was a bit crazy." Here you can find more reviews here.

As Super X-fiction to work

Imagine listening to the sound through the multi-speaker system and recreating this experience, the same depth, details, soundtrack, three-dimensionality, attraction and authenticity, and much more. It's like a magic of holography in 3D, but in audio and headphones.

Using the precision precision technology that maps audio system acoustics to the sound of a human ear in three-dimensional space, Super X-Fi significantly transforms this set of information into the sound of breathtaking headphones.

All we hear sound differently, depending on the shape of our ear and the head structure. The Super X-Fi also uses artificial intelligence to represent the shape of the ear and the head of the individual and, with a complicated algorithm, the Super X-Fi evaluates the opening of the head and the information of the headphones using the headphones used to create a soundtrack.

Price and availability• SXFI AMP costs USD149.99 without delivery and will be available in advance in the United States from November 1, 2018 • SXFI Amp will be available for sale in Europe in January 2019 • Europe enthusiasts can make their reservations in / amp-me

The first buyers of SXFI Amp will receive a pair of Aurvan SE Super X-Fi headsets for $ 69 during their presentation. This offer will be available for a limited time and duration of the inventory.

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