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Detva lost Nitra victory in the last minute, in the end, it was a point

At the last minute it is equivalent to Blackwater, at the beginning of the extension he decided to win the Slovak Nitra.

16. November 2018 or 20:54 TASR

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HK Nitra – HC 07 Detrade 3: 2 pp (0: 1, 1: 1, 1: 0-1: 0)

Objectives: 30. Kerbashian (Scheidl, Majdan), 60. Blackwater (Slovák, Mezei), 61. Slovák (Lantos) – 20. Martin Chovan (Puliš, Kuklev), 25. Murček (Ščurko, Puliš) (Hungary) – Synek , Wenceslas (Hungary), excluded: 5: 5, in addition: Richard 10 minutes after the battle – Shotok 5 + DKZ in battle, power game: 0: 0, weakness: 0: 0, 1920 spectators

Nitra: Šimboch – Mezei, McCormack, Rais, Morrison, Pupák, Rácz, Korim – Lantos, Slovak, Blackwater – Scheidl, Kerbashian, Majdan – Fominych, Bortnak, B. Rapac

Detva: Zalivin – Martin Chovan, Kuklev, Sládok, Hraško, F. Fekiač, Šimon, Gachulinec – Ščurko, Murček, Puliš – Ďaloga, V. Fekiač, Gašpar – Tibenský, Matúš Chovan, Žilka –

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The first opportunity of the encounter was Korim, who found a pass in the second wave of Fominych, but goalkeeper goalkeeper Zalivin resolved the situation. Nitrania was more active, but the end of the third was a guest. At first, Ščurko did not lose the door open, but Nitranov did not seem able to do it well. At the last minute, the corner of the door of Šimbochová, Martin Chovan, was debutante and the guests won – 0: 1.

Detva could get into the lead of two goals in 25 minutes when Murcek led the shot. In the minute 28 Blackwater had only Zalivin in front of him, but managed to defeat a Canadian striker. "Corgoni" could push in half of the game. In the 30th minute they lowered, with the right wing infected by the puck Scheidl and one backwards they found the Kerbashiana – 1: 2 blade. Players in the home after the goal scored and Detvan in this part of the game were left behind. In 34 minutes, Kerbashian and Majdan had good opportunities, but Zalivin resisted.

The home team kept the players in the 45th minute when, Richard Richard and the visiting captain Sládok, who had won the battle, participated in the game, but he fought with his opponents, even after lying on the floor and wandering through the showers. The very important goal was in Ščurko's hockey stick, but in a separate leak, Šimboch did not finish. The Nitranum was timeless, and in addition Detva defended and surpassed the middle band. The home team could clarify in the last game without a goalkeeper when he sent the game to the Blackwater extension. In the 61 game the local team received a penalty.

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