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Do you care about the Bixby button on Samsung? Just map it

company Samsung About a week ago it was confirmed that the hardware button worked to activate the function Bixby, it will be possible to replace it. This means that by pressing the button you can activate another function and it will not be strictly linked to the Samsung voice assistant.

Today, February 28 Samsung released an update to activate this option. After upgrading, you just have to enter the Bixby settings to open new options. You can configure the function by pressing a button and two presses. Because the Bixby button only makes the biggest wrinkle in the front, Samsung's decision is very positive. Of course, there will be users that Bixby adapts and will not change. It is also about adding this option to the devices that were purchased in Slovakia because we all know very well as it is updates and that are not always available for all devices instantly.

Our test Samsung Galaxy S10 + has just received an update and the Bixby button can now be configured to run another application.

The voice command of Bixby will be new

If you want to call a Samsung voice assistant, you probably click on the button or use the phrase Alta Bixby. It is precisely that Hi Bixby will get improvements in the coming days, and you can call Bixby again as you adjust. It's likely that the word "Hello" is left, but what's behind can be easily loaded and then the phone will respond to the command you configured. This feature is likely to be first available in China.

If you can replace Hello Bixby's phrase, what would you replace with?

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