Friday , May 14 2021

Fialka's nurses can not represent Slovakia in biathlon!

"Unfortunately, the Biatlón Slovak League has fulfilled its threats and the representation of our country has been banned. We are no longer obligated by any federal rule, we will discuss next week's cooperation points with our parent unit from the Winter Olympics PyeongChang 2018 Enjoy a good sports weekend, " He commented Pauline's decision on the most successful social networks and added a decision taken.

You can see your decision!

The member of the disciplinary committee Ľubomír Lepeň accurately formulated the decision and his motive. "We punish the prohibition to start in competitions associated with the representation of the Slovak Republic, simply ignoring the president's decision not to sign a contract to be signed by all the representatives, we could impose different penalties, one of the possibilities is the prohibition to start in competitions related to the representation. I can not register, which also follows from the resolutions of the presidium " he told TASR.

The situation would be solved quickly by signing the contract. Ľubomír Lepeň: "Against this decision, it can be addressed in the sense of disciplinary order, it would be in the second instance, that is to say, in the presidium, the other option is to agree and sign the agreement so that the verdict is automatically eliminated." They argue that the signing of a treaty is a Voluntary act, but not having to sign the treaty must be aware of the consequences, because each treaty brings certain rights and obligations. "

The president of the SZB, Tomas Fusko, responded to the verdict of the disciplinary committee immediately overwhelming, although he still did not know the exact wording. "It is true that the commission was a meeting, but it must be said that nothing is final, it can appeal against each decision to the second stage or the presidium. The Disciplinary Committee is a separate body, elected by the General Assembly and is completely autonomous. become familiar and respect the decision " said for TASR.

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