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Fourth in the row. Trenčín lost ashamed at home with Nové Zámky

We are in a difficult situation at the moment and the bad results are against us, said the coach of Oremus after the meeting.

November 16, 2018 at 21:51 TASR

Trencin. Opponents began quickly, but none of their chances were taken. Goalkeeper Krejči rejected the drawing for the field in minute 8, when Urbanov found a shot from the right, Only 19 minutes after Ondrušek opened the scoreboard, which Trenčania left before the goal.

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Even in the second part, no one was forced to prevail, the development of the actions was reliably affected by personal struggles and the end of both teams was not strong either. As the score does not change even in power games, the more vigor it saw at home at the end of a third.

At the beginning of the 39-minute house Bartovič yelled three seconds before the second mermaid came during the weakening of the Urban guest and his shot ended with a good shot under the top.

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The newspapers were satisfied with the attempt to make a change in the scoreboard and, after 50 minutes, Stratus's counterattack was successful. Trencin's players were unable to score, so 54 minutes of Urban played the game of power and definitely the victory of New Zámkov.

HK Dukla Trencin – MHC Mikron Nové Zámky 0: 4 (0: 1, 0: 1, 0: 2)
Goly: 19. Ondrusek (Buc, Slávik), 40. Urbano (Jurík), 50. Štrauch (Bajtek, Kudla), 54. Urbano (Kudla, Štrauch).

Decided: Jonák, Adamec – Kacej, Frimmel, exclusion: 5: 7, in addition: Olvecký 10
minutes to attack the head and the neck – Novak 10 minutes after the referee's attack, the game of power: 0: 1, weakness: 0: 1, 2943 spectators, changes: from 31. Pardavý ml. (Trencin)

Trenčín: Valent Krejči, Rýgl, Holenda, Bohunický, Gula, Luža, Kovář Sojčík, Olvecký, Radivojevič Hecl, Sadecký, Bartovič J. Švec, Bližňák, T. Varga Mikula, Dlouhý, D. Hudec

New Locks: Kosmen Andersons, Kudla, Hain, Henderson, Ordzovensky, M. Novák, Hatala Bajtek, Urban, Štrauch Rogoň, Fábry, J. Jurík Stumpf, Jakubek, Nejezchleb Slávik, Ondrusek, Buc

They said after the game:

Peter Oremus, trainer Trenčín: Nové Zámky's victory is completely deserved. because their players were better in all the activities. We are in a difficult situation at this time, the unfavorable results are against us, but we do not have the head down and we all have to work to improve so that it is good in the next game. "

Milan Jančuška, trainer of Nový Zámkov: "We played very well, we combined and advanced well, we were gaining personal fights, we were really prepared for this match and I am happy that the players have all the instructions reached in the last point."

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