Sunday , July 25 2021

From EE. U., The reports were baffled about the ban on menthol cigarettes, the actions of tobacco companies fell

The ban on menthol cigarettes in the US market can take up to two years.

BRATISLAVA, Nov. 12 ( – The value of the actions of two British giant tobacco companies, British American Tobacco (BAT) and Imperial Brands, damaged reports that US regulators plan to ban menthol cigarettes.

These cigarettes are banned by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA), according to the Wall Street Journal. According to analysts, the sale of menthol cigarettes generates a quarter of BAT benefits and a tenth profit for the imperial brands.

Bat's actions dropped 9 percent to the lowest level in almost five years. The shares of imperial brands fell by 4 percent. The BBC portal was informed. with.

However, the application of the ban on cigarette minting in the US market may take up to two years. The US Drug and Food Administration UU. It concluded in 2013 that the cessation of menthol cigarettes is more difficult and presents a greater risk to health than ordinary cigarettes.

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