Monday , May 10 2021

Future came true: Fialka Sisters was banned from representing Slovakia!

Ivona and Paulina Fialk
Ivona and Paulina Fialk

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – The Slovakian Biathlon Union Disciplinary Board (DK SZB) at the Friday meeting in Banská Bystrica unanimously decided that nurses Paulina and Ivona Fialková were banned from commencing competitions related to the representation of the Slovak Republic. The breeders of Brezno did not sign a contract to ensure the state sports performance and because of this act they violated the disciplinary order of SZB. The information came from the official Facebook page of Paulina Fialk, who published the minutes of the DK SZB meeting.

"Unfortunately, the Slovakian Federation of Biatlón has fulfilled its threats and prohibited the representation of our country and, since we are no longer obliged by any federal rule, next week we will address all the controversial points of cooperation with our primary union of ZOH in Pjongchang 2018, It is written on the Facebook page. Fialka nurses may appeal against DK's decision in accordance with the applicable SZB statutes.

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