Tuesday , May 18 2021

HK Nitra – HC 07 Detva


Nitra scored a goal!
Lantoshi won MAREK SLOVÁK, who had enough space in the shot and shot Zalivin!

Assistants: Robert Lantosi, Graeme McCormack


Crossing Pass Pulaša to a teammate who fired from the first but the shot did not have any goal parameter.


Extensions started.

The conclusion of the infarct, in the end, Nitre managed to balance and Judd Blackwater sent the game to an extension that will begin soon.


The third third ended.


Nitra scored a goal!
Nitra equals during powerplay 32 seconds before the end! Slovak fired from blue to ice in the race, JUDD BLACKWATER just adjusted the blade on the missile track and the disk became a network!

Assistance: Marek Slovák, Branislav Mezei


Majdan tried to use the shot from the right bottom. Šimboch is already in the bank.


Nitra all the pucks that go to the door, but they are not. On the other hand, Ščurko searched for Puliša's pass, which failed.


Majdan is barely gathering ice after the hard treatment of Hraška, but he'll be fine.


Blackwater found Lantoshi, who led the first door record, but this attempt at ice could not threaten the goalkeeper.


Detva gets the disk in the middle of the network, severely preventing the result.


The dog is already on ice, Nitra has four minutes to solve. Rapac was trying to surprise Zalivin, but he caught him without difficulty.


Two against two, the Slovakman asked for a pass but Lantoshi finished, the goal is not.


Hasek's shot from the blue line, before the door is operated by Daloga, after Gašpar did not reach the door.


Exclusion on the HK Nitra team (Pupak – 2 min., Illegal Defeat). Nitra complicates the situation.


Lantosi could not win Slovak, he is already desperate, Nitrano is not going anywhere.


Strela Hraška, who has already raised his hands over the head, but joy is premature, the disc was not behind the back of the emblem.


Kuklev mounted to the door, incapable of stopping and crushing the emperor.


Majdan came to the end, his album did not adjust as he imagined.


Fominykh, almost behind the door, surprised Zalivin, who did not know where he had a record, but did not lie and the disc ended below her, a happiness aside from Detva.


Nervousness on hockey sticks Nitra is already playing its role, Rapáč cloned to Zalivin and finished another Nitrians missile.


Great mistake Nitra, Ščurko crashed into the door, tried a bekhendový blufák, but he did not emigrate to Šimboch!


Nitrania fired from the blue, Slovak also scored, but the goal did not fall.


The Lantos tried to go only to a couple of opponents, the puck returned to Zalivin.


The adversary was very good, Nitra did not let him pass.


The huge thickness of Detva, Nitra, could not punish them.


So far, the game is in balance and the game slides from one side to the other. Zaliivin resolves with a room fired from the blue he saw.


The game continues and Nitra will have an ideal opportunity to solve. In a moment, the power-up will begin.


Exclusion on the HC 07 Detva team (Sládok – 5 min., Roughness + 10 min. Personal penalty + DKZ for the fist fight).


Exclusion on the HK Nitra team (Richard – 2 min., Roughness + 10 min. Personal criminal fights).


Nitriansky's activity in the goalkeeper, a great fight broke out, Sládok started with Richard in a fist fight, Sládok wins, but he did not get enough and continues. Of course it will be excluded.


Martin Chovan is coming out for his own movement and is a good news.


One of the players of Detva, who seems to be Martin Chovan, is in the middle with Pupák lying on the ice, he is a doctor.


Detva got the record in the middle range for at least a while.


Majdan was in a good position and an opportunity, he was sent to the ice, but he did not succeed.


The next goal of the team came from Hraška, Šimboch successfully.


Šimboch arrives again, this time with the receiver, goalkeeper Nitriansky at all times.


After the Simboch process, the game is interrupted and turned to the right.


Nitra returned without problems to the assault zone, but Nitrania turned in the mantinel.


Nitra continues to conquer Detva Gate, trying to shake the players, Kerbashian's shot was blocked, his second attempt did not reach the door.


He pulled the blue from the first, Zalivin covered the disk, but there was a smaller skirmish, Scheidl explains something to Brewman.


Nitra should try to become the third third if you want to encourage domestic supporters. However, Detva defends and plays sacrificed, we will see how the game will be developed.


The third third began.

Detva entered the lead of two goals, but Nitra was able to reduce. The situation after two thirds is Nitra 1: 2.

The third third starts at 19:39.


Second third arrived.


Gašpar reached the goal, moved to the left leg, Šimboch was outside the door, reduced the shotgun angle and knocked the knife.


The touch was ringing on the door Zalivinova, it was a pass that surprised goalkeeper detvian.


Lantoshi's intense attempt to shoot, ahead of Tiben, his shot did not lose any of his teammates.


Exclusion on equipment HC 07 Detva (Kuklev – 2 min., Chopping).


Sladok's staff was not exactly accurate, and Nitrania was easily banished.


A nasty shot of a blue line was outside the door of Simboch.


Exclusion on the HK Nitra team (Mezei – 2 minutes. Chopping).


Tibensky puts the disc in the mantle, Detva, however, did not take the disc in the canes and Nitra is now in the field, which is currently more active.


Blackwater wanted to relax individually, but the pull-up did not come out. On the other hand, Detva threatened, but Puliš did not find Ščurka.


Nitra played power very well but did not crouch. He was able to make many promising opportunities.


Scheidl now pushed the stick on the rod, a shame for Nitra, otherwise it could end up in an open door.


The Nitra players were very good at combining defense of the team, but at the end of the Kerbashian event, it was completely free of Majdan, but did not lose the door open.


The hard fights bring the players behind Detva's goal, the puck finally managed to get into the front area, where Majdan finished, Scheidl hung, but he was thick, and the door left his place.


Exclusion on the HC 07 Detva team (Shimon – 2 min., Illegal Defeat).


Nitra recovered and spent a good time in the assault zone.


Nitra scored a goal!
Nitra is eager for the opening goal! Scheidl caressed the album, involved the defender and offered JURAJ MAJDAN, who managed to put the cane and cast the record for defenseless Zalivin.

Assistants: Kale Kerbashian, Lane Scheidl


Šimboch helps with the game but plays far from the door of Detva.


Fantastic intervention Zalivin, who took the network! The fisherman leaked the disk on the abandoned door. Blackwater's head. Detva is in the square.


Nitrania plays the power of 5 to 3 for more than 30 seconds, but Detva is released after the beats.


Exclusion on equipment HC 07 Detva (Sládok – 2 min., Hooking).


Kerbashian was trying to surprise Zalivin, but his attempt was shifted by his mother.


Blackwater surrounded the door, won Mezei, who started and Detve managed to free himself.


Exclusion on the HC 07 Detva team (Zalivin – 2 min., Holding the game). Punishment is resolved by Giľák.


Zilka's shot was not accurate, but Nitrania's puck screamed across all lines, so the game turned to the defense zone.


Nitra has to catch up with the two-pole manko. The spit stumbled behind the door, but was pushed to the corner of the skateboard, and also lacked support from teammates.


Detva gave a goal!
Njaprv Kerbashian could not transform the occasion, and Nitra took the following counterattack. MICHAL MURČEK fired only at Morrison, but fired again at Murciek's cane, which then swung more accurately and hit the blind, Šimboch was helpless.

Assistants: Ladislav Ščurko, Radovan Puliš


The unforeseen Detva begins, Lanthosi took advantage of the blow, but Nitra was accused of being outside the game.


After passing Chovanova, Giľák of the puck did not succeed, on the other hand Buček had to bejend and the door was lost.


Nitra acts as if he were in a tracking, so far allowing attacking Detva players, he can do nothing more seriously.


Gašpar pushed the disk to the Dialog, his hard shot Simboch managed to go. Later, Gašpar was victorious from the corner of Viktor Fekiač, but he did not lose it.


He first attacked Detva, after Nitra, but none of them came to an end.


The second third began.

Nitrania began to improve, but gradually attacked the players of Detva, whose goal was crowned with a goal in minute 20, Martin Chovan.

Whether we are going to see the Nazi response, we will learn from 18:49 when the third third begins.


The first third came.


Detva gave a goal!
He crossed a pass back, found the MARTIN CHOVAN of the second wave, and the only one involved in the circuit over the Šimboch trap!

Assistants: Radovan Puliš, Mikhail Kuklev


You had an exit goal in the hockey stick! He released the Nitrian player's record, but Shimboch did not score. The Ščurka stalker was not successful either.


Racz came closer to the door and fired strong, Zalivin kicking the disc in front of him, where Detva had already taken care of him.

5:00 PM

There is more space in the ice, Detva punished both Nitranov in front of the door, but goalkeeper Zalivin, who after the Slovak strike, eliminated the great possibilities of Blackwatter.


Exclusion on the HC 07 Detva team (Chovan Matúš – 2 min., Kick-off).


They also try Detvany, and since the beginning of the power game they are in the band, but without finishing, they will have to skate to the midfield.


Exclusion on the HK Nitra team (Rais – 2 min., Hooking).


Detva is currently active, Nitrania seems surprised, Šimboch showed another successful operation.


Rais could not fire the disc, but was lucky that Giľák did not work.


Detva entered the attack zone in three, the shot of Matúš Chovan, his teammates before the goal, Šimboch achieved the situation.


Gašpar had the space and the shot of the left circle was verified by Šimboch, who reached the game without interruption and interrupted the game.


The next Nitra shot just ended with his own player, Nitra will try again, but Detva plays easily.


From the right circle, Blackwater fired, this could not threaten Detva Gate.


Exclusion on equipment HC 07 Detva (Puliš – 2 min., Hooking).


Nitra did not fight the record in the assault zone, so far you can not get the chance.


Some maneuvers behind the door finally got the disc to the blue, from which he shot Simon, the shot still floated, but Šimboch did not have to interfere.


A violent puck of detivo hockey sticks ends at the other end of the shoe, the leopard is prohibited from releasing.


Rapac fought the disc, he shot a blue line, Zalivin had to pay attention to this attempt.


He had a pass to Morrison, but he could not do it with a skateboard, a penalty for Nitra because Morrison did not have any player to defend it.


Shiška pressed in front of the door, winning a sale, but found no companions.


The game is smooth, the goalkeeper does not have much work.


Viktor Fekiač found a blue teammate, but sent the disk behind the door of Šimboch.


The second sends the disk to the attack zone and rotates. Nitra dominates and tries to scratch as soon as possible.


Nitra continued the active game, Paladín made the space, looking for a team mate behind the door, but Detva managed to shoot.


The Rapac won Fominykh, who scored Zalivin for the first time and the visiting goalkeeper resisted.


The detachments kept the disc in the mantle in the attack zone, but did not reach the end.


Nitra removed the disc in the band, but then the sands -shock.


The meeting just started.

Introductory Assemblies:

HK Nitra: Šimboch – Mezei, McCormack, Rais, Morrison, Pupák, Rácz, Korim, Richard – Lantos, Slovak, Blackwater – Scheidl, Kerbashian, Majdan – Fominykh, Bortňák, Rapáč – Šiška,

HC 07 Detva: Zalivin – Chovan Martin, Gachulinec, Sládok, Hraško, Fekiač Frederik, Šimon, Kuklev, Král – Ščurko, Murček, Puliš – Ďaloga, Fekiač Viktor, Gašpar – Tibenský

Judge: Müllner, Babic – Synek, Wenceslas.

Welcome to the 22nd meeting of Tipsport League between HK Nitra and HC 07 Detva. The game starts at 6:00 PM at Nitra Arena.

HK NITRA is in the sixth place of the extra table and so far has obtained 35 points. However, he did not play in the last two games, in Košice 1: 6 and Zvolen 4: 6. This negative series has been broken nowadays by home fans.

HC 07 DETVA has seven points less than Nitra, 28, which is enough for tenth place. In the last home game with 4: 5, Budapest won 4: 2 at Trencin. Radovan Puliš is the most productive player and the best player in the team. You have 21 Canadian points, scoring 7 goals.

The favorite is Nitra, we will be surprised, however, as the match will finally arrive, I wish a pleasant follow-up.

Welcome to the online broadcast. The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM.

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