Tuesday , May 18 2021

IKEA has been preserved. She hated the little dogs to protect them from the cold

For example, in Catania, Italy, it has recently arrived on cold days and nights. Therefore, IKEA decided not only to sell furniture but to show that it has the heart in the indicated place. The store decided that the whalers who need it most would arrive.

The witnesses of this good action have also become customers, including Martine Taccia, among them. When he entered world trade, he noticed that several furniture was sold comfortably between the exposed furniture. Many could be outraged, but Martine kept moody, and for The Dodo she said that something like that is not just the way every day.

All the dogs in the store ended up living on the street and IKEA allowed you to feel the heat of your home at least for a while. In addition, some have found the house permanently. Outside of bad weather, dogs are served by employees and buyers. Every day nourish and take care of doing the best. Clients worshiped some of the children, decided they would not leave the streets but bring them home.

Beppe Liotta, another obsessive customer vision, was another. For The Dodo, she said that she felt great happiness and warmth in her heart when she crossed the store and saw that the dogs were safe here. Excitement has also been expressed by a large number of people in social networks. Customers did not hesitate to share photos with Instagram. So, some more customers entered the store than ever.

This is not the first time IKEA has shown that it is not just a common store for the needs of furniture and families. For a long time, the chain has decided to work with refuges House for hope and publishes the models of the dog. The goal was not only to show love to animals, but also to encourage adoption in this way.

Liotta hopes that, in such a way, IKEA will continue to open and open the door and heart to the animals that most need it and that people do not overlook. What do you think about this business chain initiative? Did you appreciate when four-legged friends who needed help came in between us?


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