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Pavol Russia after the confrontation with Mikuláš Černák.

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In the case of the preparation of the murder of Silvia Volzova, which was attended by the former Minister of Economy and Television, Markis Pavol Russia, an investigation has already been completed.

"In the criminal case in question, an investigation has been completed and is under way
Studying the file with the accused and the wounded, "he said
a prosecutor on Friday and a spokesman for the Office of Regional Prosecution in Bratislava
(KP) Michal Šúrek. Only after studying the extensive KP file
In Bratislava it will decide on the additional procedure of the case.

The police of Pavla Russia accused in the past of the crime of preparation
Murder of his former partner, Volz. They were in preparation
also known members of the Slovak underworld, as good
the son of Róbert L., alias Kýbel, or by several murders
condemned banskobystrický good Mikuláš Č. and finally the last ones
named Miloš K.

In early October last year, the Provincial Court of Bratislava II (OS II)
Paul was originally in custody. In late November, however, the Regional Court
in Bratislava (KS) was released from custody and replaced by location
device Subsequently, the Supervisory Prosecutor convened this month of February
On the extension of the grounds of detention to the accused of "colusión" reason. After all
OS BA II did not comply with the request and at the beginning of May the KS in BA was rejected
The prosecutor's claim as unfounded and accused as delayed.

Former Minister of Economy, Pavol Rusa, is accused of having
in 1997 in the underworld he ordered the murder of his then companion
Volzovej. Among other things, the first had to say against him
head of the underworld Banská Bystrica Mikuláš Č. KS in Bratislava
At the beginning of May the obligation to undergo probation supervision was also imposed
Mediation officer, use an electronic bracelet or a travel ban
outdoors At present, the main court is in Bratislava
listening in the case of television accounts of Markiza that he allegedly had
sign up

He is a business man and co-accused in the matter of bills by Marian Kočner
They are still in custody. He decided to do it on Thursday (November 15) Specialized
criminal court in Pezinok – place of work Banská Bystrica. The businessman is after
The second time he tried to get out of custody of freedom.

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