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Košice Protest: Generation November & # 89; delivered the new relay – Regions – News

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Protest assembly in Košice.

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About a thousand people gathered today on Košická Hlavná street near the Porta Baixa and expressed their disagreement with the current political events in Slovakia.

At the beginning, they memorized for a minute the memory of journalist Ján Kuciak and Martina
Kušnírová. The assembly, which lasted more than an hour, was peaceful

The participants honored the memories of John and Martin ... "data-original ="

The participants honored the memo
Jane and Martin illuminating firecrackers during a protest rally
organized by the "Good Slovakia" initiative in Kosice.
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Author: SITA, Ivan

Several basketball players received the basketball podium
Revolutionary November 1989, members of the Citizens Forum and the public against
violence On the one hand, in their speeches, many have found parallels among them
the current political situation and Novembrom & 89; on the other hand, he pointed out
to the fact that Robert Fico is no longer in favor of the protests in Slovakia
The Prime Minister and Robert Kaliňák, Minister of the Interior.

For example, Daniel Pastirčák, founding member of the Citizens' Forum,
remember how interviewed by the StB 40 years ago for an exhibition of paintings that,
It was marked as anti-state. He said he was accused by Fico
organizers of the assembly that organized the state for the money of Soros
The blow, I felt that he came back in time. "Mr. Fico, if it were
of your power, do you really want to close the organizers? "asked the poet
writer The crowd shouted: I go downstairs. Then people cut the keys.
Another speaker, among other things, said they fought for freedom in November
& # 39; 89 and is glad that a new and new generation of freedom fighters has risen,

Finally, several direct members of the Citizens' Forum came to the stage
and the public against violence – participants in November 89 and Christina
Neuwirth read his joint statement. Then Peter Neuwirth
He has abandoned the symbolic manifestation of the emerging struggle for freedom and democracy
younger generation

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