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MAC Budapest – DVTK Miškovec

The MAC Budapest hockey players have won the game of today's 22nd round of the highest Slovak competition on Miškovcom 4: 2. It can be said that the difference players were the goalkeepers. When Ádám Vay picked up two cheap goals, Bence Balizs showed several very good interventions. Behind the strong leadership, Miškovec had the opportunity to settle, the biggest burned by Ziga Pance. Glena Hanlona also came to the game without a goalkeeper, but he picked up Brance Orban's fourth goal. Thank you for your attention and I want the rest of the night.


At the end of the match, István Terbócz could adjust the result. After several obvious shirt pulling incidents, Gunnar Szymon got himself booked. The manager of Fukushima was not happy. That made the score 4 – 0. After this, you could see that the players of Fukushima were more interested in killing time than scoring more goals. The score will probably not change.


Domestic hockey players aim three points. We can match the hero of the game with goalkeeper Bence Balisso, who in the third final eliminated several great possibilities of a Hungarian adversary.


Budapest gives a goal!
The goal of the final game without the goalkeeper was nothing. Cameron Burt pulled the disk to the center and, beside the right maintenance, pushed him to BRANCE ORBANO, who had brought him into Miškovec's door one hundred seconds earlier. Assistance: Cameron Burt.


The players are playing without a goalkeeper! Trainer Glen Hanlon throws all the power to the attack and sends it to the ice of the six skaters. We will verify if a guest matches the score during the last round.


In his own weakness Nicholas Crawford literally played the home striker Chris Bodó. He managed to end him by bekhendom and Ádám Vay had to interfere. Still, it keeps the guests' possibilities on the water.


The guard had to look back. János Vas was pulling from the right corner and attacked but still did not score in the shot. It is possible that his long series of points will come.


After the shot of Ryan Harrison, Bálint Magosi, the guest captain, was close. It was not possible to score, but after the rest of Brance Orban, the Miškovca game will continue.


Guests are practically free of assault zone. Bence Balizs covers almost all the length of the ice surface. Rasmus Kulmala also did a good job, which prevented him from playing.


So when the great pressure of the guests ends. Miškovec is clearly more active and shoots practically from each position. Prior to the last advertising break, Bence Baliss had to face the strikes of Balasz Somogyi and Bence Szirányi.


The local team was defeated in the defensive area and almost forged. Ryan Harrison finished in a good position, but Bence Balis did not know where the puck was, but finally he was happy to avoid the worst.


Jared Brown introduced the puck to the assault zone. Later, Tomas Klemp pushed the disk to Jesse Dudás, but his strong shot from the blue line was not the fourth goal of the local team.


Assault actions are flooded from one side to the other. We are watching a very good game that is far from decided. The first mutual struggle extended what today is possible.


Miškovec creates a great opportunity to solve. After the meeting of Bence Szirányi, he arrived at the Rasmus Kulmala duck, transferred it to Zigo Pance, but the Slovakian did not close Bence Balisz close.


Miškovcu, a couple of hockey players, became the local team. After several obvious shirt pulling incidents, Péter Vincze got himself booked. The manager of Oporto was not happy.


Good move from home. Jesse Dudás was shot in a dangerous way and Chris Bodó was almost throbbing. The intense performance of leadership was John Negrin.


The local team is very good at these opponents. Now they even combine in the middle of the band and win valuable seconds. Jesse Dudas is sure to be patiently waiting to jump over to the ice.


Domestic hockey players receive a record in all lines. In any case, they themselves complicate the situation that arose after the goal of Tomas Klempa and already meant a two-goal lead for the Budapest team.


Nicholas Crawford entered the assault zone and pushed the disk to Rasmus Kulma. She fired quickly over the defender, but praised Bence Balisso for a quality intervention with his left shoulders.


Jesse Dudás returns to the bench. Maybe we do not have to remind ourselves of how the previous Miškovec game played. Man player again receives a minor penalty for an illegal defeat.


Miškovec scored a goal!
The meetings of Glena Hanlon are returning to the game while they use the game of being able. After a shot blocked from the blue line, the pucker came to Rasmus Kulmal. He found JAMIE MILAM, who had no problem in the left circle to clear the disk in the network. Assistants: Rasmus Kulmala and Nicholas Crawford.


Jesse Dudás is angry with the referee of Vladimir Balusk, but does not change the direction of the criminal bank. Bence Sziranyi came up in a penalty.


Budapest gives a goal!
Domestic hockey players jump into the opponent for two goals. After a lot of space, Chris Bodó was behind the door. A precise pass to Tomás KLEMPU with Ádam Vaya was too slow. Assistants: Chris Bodó and Jesse Dudás.


Daniel Kiss fired from the blue line. Although the disc had a great difficulty, it only removed the plexiglass behind the sanctuary. Meanwhile, both teams are sending a new fifty ice players.


Ádám Vay was booked on the pitch. Jesse Dudás was the defender of the shot, but we have to say that the diameter slipped and, therefore, did not have enough emotion.


Domestic hockey players have taken to the attack zone. Now they have to find out how to return to dangerous areas as quickly as possible before the goal of Ádám Vaya.


The first local attacking team was combined in the offensive zone. At the end of the game, Brance Orban managed to score the marker and score the marker to his teammate.


The third third began.

The second third finished without a doubt, since we saw a goal on both sides. First, he compared the Žiga Pance, who benefited from a good individual action. Miškovec then defended the opponent's power, but he picked up a seemingly small and dangerous Jared Brown shot from a difficult angle. The third third begins at 19:45.


Second third arrived.


The game moves in front of the visitors keeper. The reason is forbidden to launch, and less than thirty seconds before finishing, the first offensive formation in Budapest will attempt to invent something.


Cameron Burt, from the local team, adapts to his own goalkeeper. They also mix Miškovec, so we are not facing any aggressive attack.


The second third came to the end. Until now we have seen a goal from both sides, therefore, the home-hold of Budapest has a strong leadership.


On the other hand, we saw a smaller Scrum before Bence Balizs. After the action of Ryan Harrison, he finished with Jamie Mil, but he missed a shot.


Individually he tried to push Jesse Doubts. He easily reached the defenses and did not have to break through and overthrow the ball to Ádám Vaya, who did not get the shot seriously. I have the feeling that he was only defeating Roland Hajos.


Accidents on both sides. After the unstoppable pass by Jigu Pance, the Slovak striker Tomas Klemp tried to make a quick rest, but his passport to the team on the side was not accurate.


Budapest gives a goal!
Start for a second time in the game. Ádám Vay has a clear confidence, but he does not want to see the ball and miss the goal on the net after a shot by JAREDA BROWNA. For the American, it is the tenth goal of the season. Assistants: Keegan Dansereau and Gábor Bugár.


Good game of Miškovec. On this occasion, from the blue line, the defeat of Bals Balazz Lada to Bence Balisz and the doorman had to interfere twice. Finally, the blow crashed.


After the rest, the guests also remembered. After passing Jánosa Vasa from the straight line Jamie Milo, he did not surprise goalkeeper Bence Balisso. The disk is picking up on your trap.


Already in balance the number of players in the ice could get home. Jesse Dudás received a lovely pass down the right wing, but Ádám Vay saw his volley fly wide of Tomáš Klempa's speed.


Visitors are defending during the third game of Budapest. They launched the disk of their defense area several times and can break into the room.


The hockey player at home has not made the game yet. The first offensive was on ice, but today it is far from productive than in the Wednesday match against Detve.


Miškovec only scored a game, but now he has to defend himself again. Second time in the middle of the match, Bálint Magosi is in the bank of shame, this time as a dangerous game with a tall stick.


Miškovec scored a goal!
Guests score a score against their best shooter. Slovakia ZIGA PANCE won the defensive blue line, followed by a quick counterattack and finished off with a close shot at the top left corner. Assistance: Rasmus Kulmala.


István Terbócz received a pass from the right wing. In speed, he flew to the assault zone, swinging, but swung in the concrete of goalkeeper Ádám Vaya, who must change the stick.


Slowly, the classic game of house finished. Although they managed to settle down in the assault zone, but there was a lower shot rate. Miškovec is very likely to be defeated.


Domestic players continue to have a classic advantage, but a new offensive action must start from their own defense zone. It happened after a blue line strike threatens Bence Balisso striker Ryan Harrison.


At the end of the game, Captain Tamas Pozsgai came in for a sharp shot. Puck only turned Ádám Vay's goalkeeper, who softened the situation.


Domestic hockey players will play twenty seconds of power against five against three. The reason is the exclusion of Balti Magosi, who helped in a duel with the penetrating player's stingray.


Keegan Dansereau shot three times in this game, but once again he failed to cross the goalkeeper of the opponent. The last attempt was blocked, so the guests could be released.


After winning the lead, he backed Keegan Dansereau. His attempt by the space between the circles pointed near the door. The local team still managed to maintain its zone of attack.


After the rest, the first hockey team will also be played by the local team. The minimum penalty to be hired is given by the defender of the third training, Balász Láda.


Chris Langkow fired from a blue line. Afterwards, a good blow to the visitors' door was created, but domestic hockey players could not add their second goal in the Hungarian derby.


52 Péter Vincze scored the goal from his head to the game. In the same substitution he came to an end and literally shot the author of the opening goal of Jesse Dudás with a sharp shot.


Jared Brown has already jumped on the ice, so Budapest defends his opponents. After the prohibited release, the game moves to Bence Balisso.


Defense Bence Szirányi was firing dangerously with the blue line. Puck, however, was hunted several times by the gauntlet of the local team and finally went outside the door of Bence Balisso.


Domestic hockey players bravely controlled the first 40 seconds of their weakness. During this time, they drew three points from their area of ​​defense. The goalkeeper Bence Baliss did not have to intervene yet.


Miškovec will play the second game in the game today. The bank is already sitting on Jared Brown, who receives less punishment for cutting. He certainly expects to sit for 120 seconds in the bank of shame.


Domestic hockey players have settled in the offensive zone at the beginning of the second third. After an industrious effort down the middle, Jessé Dudás could have closed the game off after 54 minutes, but Ádáma Vaya made an excellent save, tipping the awkwardly curled shot past the post.


The second third began.

The first third of the confrontation of two Hungarian teams arrived. More actively, the guests who had the disk more frequently and the advantage of the power of the exclusion of John Negrin they got to the duel. However, they did not use it and Péter Vincze launched his best chance in the next round. The local team was more efficient and, thanks to Jessa Dudas, 38 seconds before the end of the third of the opening, they reached the top. Tomas Klemp had a good opportunity to give his team the lead but the home team's goalkeeper Ádáma Vaya.


The first third came.


Budapest gives a goal!
At the last minute of the first part, the house takes the lead. After an apparently discreet action, the disc ended in the network after Jesse Dudesha was selected from the right maintenance. Goalkeeper Ádám Vay had an open vision and could not intervene in time. Assistants: Krisztian Nagy and John Negrin


At the end of the first third, the hockey players on home could score. After the defeat of the goalkeeper Ádám Vaya got the double Keegan Dansereau, with a precise pass behind the door that found Tomáš Klempa, but the goalkeeper visitor finally corrected the error.


Brance Orban extended his replacement when he fell to the team with a second formation. The pass was Keegan Dansereaua. The fans were silent about the pitch in the atmosphere.


Chris Bodó went individually to the assault zone. Later, he was looking for a good support in front of Chris Langkow, but he was well-defended and did not return to the end.


Fejes's coach took some time during the break to go over his strategy, Then he did not scrutinize, fired violently, but only shot Ádáma Vaya. After her surgery, her left hand is thrown.


For a long time he played without interruption. He did not come after the offensive of the local team, so it will be midfield after a break from advertising.


The game runs from side to side. Bence Bálizs did not have a good day today. He stepped constantly in every race he did.


Bence Baliss did an excellent save. Péter had a long pass from the right wing of László Rita, but the ball went wide.


The rhythm of the meeting increased and we had some interesting events. Certainly, the game would add a load and a goal score, either on the northwest side of Budapest or the Miškovec guests.


A good chance for the local team. The center of the third formation, Krisztian Nagy, remained only in the space between the circles. He finished quickly, but Adam Vay gave a good job.


For the house there was now an opportunity to re-classify three against one. But one of the players returned at the last minute and defeated Kevin Szabad's pass.


The guests arrived at three against two. After the passage of Zigu Pance's Slovene striker, Ryan Harrison finished, but only fired the keeper behind Bence Balisso's goal.


The visitor Márk Miskolczi took advantage of an error of understanding between the home keeper and his centers in the center of the area. In short, he could play directly.


On the other hand, Bence Szirányi finished with a bekhend, but his attempt was not very likely to succeed. Bence Balizs was more prominent than the well-known Bálint Magosi, who was in the concrete.


The goalkeeper has a light action on the account. Tamása Pozsgaia's wood from the goal could be out of reach, but finished in the bag of Ádáma Vaya. There is a shot in the attacking area of ​​Budapest.


Jared Brown was trying to tie his team to the visiting spheres. Adam Vay's puck fell, but he took him in front of the players on the verge of blue jerseys.


After an advertising break, the local team resolved in the assault zone. Chris Langkow had to leave the pitch after 79 minutes. Ádám Vay had to make a substitution as Nhaddor Fejeso scored in the area of ​​blue post.


Tamás Pozsgai showed his skill at the end of the game. Their players did not seem to know how to play, so their organization resented and went down to a good level. Ádám Vay well covered the left chest space.


Good action of the first hosts of attack. On the back of Zigo Pance, experienced attacker János Vas fired quickly, but Bence Balisso did not finish. He made a quick break in the left concrete.


Both teams play in full number of ice players. Hockey players in Budapest are still waiting for their first auction in today's meeting. Ádám Vay is still without work.


Rasmus Kulmala made a dash down the middle past the away team's defenders to score the goal that made it 1 – But his attempt was blocked, so at the end of the Miškov squad he will be on the right of Bence Balisso.


The squad of the guests entered his second half. After the series of defeat of domestic hockey players, Bence Balisz had to intervene, whose former defender Nitra, Jamie Milo, had a strong shot.


Guests will play the first game of today's match. Two minutes after a trick, John Negrin received a new ticket. A clear play punished an adversary.


In the opening seconds of the encounter, the offensive actions alternate on both sides. Miškovec attacked through his third training, but the passport of Balasz Somogyi was not accurate.


Good action beside the guests. Alexis Loiseau made a nice dash down the field, but the keeper deflected Rasmusa Kulmalu's shot. In what looked like a well-rehearsed move, the ball was headed backwards and scored.


The local team made a great attack by the area. The visiting neighbors lost the ball in the middle of the local area. Maybe he doubted asking Chris Bodó a better teammate.


The meeting just started.

Introductory Assemblies:

MAC Budapest: Balizs (Rajna) – Doubts, Negrin, Fejes, Burt, Bugar, Pozsgai, Kreisz – Bodo, Langkow, Orban – Dansereau, Brown, Klempa – Terbócs, K. Nagy, Szabad – Szigeti, Majoross, Odnoga.

DVTK Miškovec: Vay (Adorján) – Bico, Crawford, J. Milam, Szirányi, T. Slovák, Ladá, Vojtko – Harrison, Vas, Pance – Kulmala, Loiseau, Magosi – Somogyi, Galanisz, Miskolczi – Vincze, Hajós, Ritó.

Judges: Vladimír Baluška, Milan Novák – Martin Krajcik, Tomas Gegan – Dalibor Beniac.

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you when you see a text transfer of the Hockey League Tipsport. The 22nd match on Friday ends the duel of two Hungarian teams. MAC Budapest hosts DVTK Jegesmedvék Miskovec on its ice.


The hockey player of the capital of Hungary belongs to the penultimate number 11 of the table. In the four previous duels, however, they scored each time, with the sports public, in particular, won a great victory at Steel Arena 8: 4. After the break, they played a goal match in Poľana. Against Detve they lost three goals, but thanks to the first productive formation they eventually won 5: 4. The winners of the Gergely Majoross won the game at home on October 24 when they surprised Trenčín. Compared to today's opponent, Budapest has a somewhat weaker power, which until now has only used 13%. The most productive player of the team is Chris Bodó, 21 points and the best goalkeeper of Tomáš Klempa. Bence Baliss, who twice scored a network and had a success rate of 91.33%


Like Budapest and Miškovec, he has been in the League of Tips for a long time. He won five of the seven other meetings, and so he went up to the ninth place on the table. This is the third time this week. First he defeated HK Orange 20 without ambiguity 8: 1 and on Wednesday triumphed over Trencin for 3: 2. A balance of one hundred percent would be confirmed by Glen Hanlon's winners at the MAC Ice, which already measured the strength of this year. In Miškovec he lost 2: 3 after a long period, although they did twice in the game. A Canadian coach for the club's website commented that the confrontation was a good lesson, which now can not be allowed, and its goal is to get three points in Budapest. Outside, they did not do it because they had won only three of the twelve meetings. Janános Vas is the leader in productivity, but manages to keep the 10-goal Slovenian Ziga Pance.

Welcome to the online broadcast. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM.

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