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Majk Spirit publishes the album Not a coincidence. Among the guests are Richard Müller

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Exactly after seven years of solo debut, Majk Spirit announces his third studio performance. The new album by New Man and Y were catapulting Majka to the top of the Czech-Slovak Republic scene and after a three-year break, it's time to consolidate this position.

During his previous career, he has worked with many important guests and this tendency is confirmed by a new album where singers Monika Bagarova. Anita Seoul. Veronika Strapková and the biggest guests can be marked Richard Müller, which participates in the last song titled They are no coincidence. "Majk asks me to have a presentation of my song on his album Years of ChristHe sent me and I really liked it. Then he invited him to drink a chorus and I liked it, "adds Richard Müller.

The same name also has the entire album, which includes 18 tracks with a total duration of more than 70 minutes. I was not in study Starmusic. The powerful album producers have become Majk Spirit in tandeme s Roman Zámožným. The compositions are very diverse, but they also have a typical "spiritual" signature. "I think I've never been happy with the album as now," confesses Majk Spirit after spending more than a year writing texts and working on a studio recording studio.

The album presents the singing song Satisfied

Wait for the first single, supported by awesome video clips. The first to play satisfied He turned to the east of Slovakia and signed under the clip Dušan Krajčovič. We can also expect a tour that will not run until the beginning of next year.

Release date of the album I'm not accidentally scheduled for early December, but fanatics can pre-order it now exclusively in to get the latest CD with the signature of Majka. All the information that Majk communicates traditionally through its social networks.

Album Tracklist Majka Spirita I'm not here to go:

1. Trinity
2. Satisfied
3. A little love
4. Light
5. Impressions
6. Nobody else
7. Kairos (with Monika Bagarova)
8. baby
9. Michael
10. Hic / Finesy / Hype / Honey
11. Bridges of Karel / Fialové
12. Only one man
13. Zenit (with Anita Soul)
14. Give
15. I do what I can
16. Virgo
17. 33 (feat. Veronika Strapková)
18. I'm not here (Richard Müller)

Editor informed Adriana Čahojová's director of RRP for Soul For Show. We changed the print report.

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