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NOW LIVES A tragedy in the Bielovodska valley: Lavina took life to an experienced savior

The initial intervention was confirmed by Zuzana Hopjakova, helicopter rescue spokeswoman and Air-Transport Europe healthcare service, with the assistance of rescue workers for assistance. "At the moment there is still a rescue operation on the avalanche avalanche in the Bielovodska valley area, the crew is in place, more information will be provided after the end of the intervention" He also informed about the lunch in social networks, the Emergency Health Service of the ATE Helicopter, who launched the video since the rescue operation was launched.

Finally, however, the Mountain Rescue Service brought a sad message to the social network. The fall of the avalanche in Gorge Great Miller in the area of ​​the mentioned valley affirmed a victim. "Lavin took one of the pairs of mountaineers who were lying on top of the trough at the time, the other was trapped in an open ground, about 100 meters below the top and had neither a voice nor a visual contact with the boy. They approached mountain rescuers.

Complicated rescue action

In the post, they also described that the VZZS helicopter crew had taken a heliport on Star Smokovec aboard the HZS dog handler with an avalanche dog and went to the accident site together. The second group of firefighters rescued the ground, and other rescue workers were ready for the heliport. "The climber of the right climber was able to locate immediately after reaching the air, and was partially covered by the avalanche, but unfortunately the injuries suffered were incompatible with life, said in the report.

Due to the conditions in the field, the rescue of a surviving climber demands. "The second climber had to get rid of the exposed terrain, but it was no longer possible to deploy aviation equipment from the Bielovodska valley due to a strong breeze, so the Polish TOPR aircraft asked the climbers of the valley of Žabie Bielovodska, the rescuers said and added that the interference in competition continued. The rescue action, however, complicates the challenging terrain and the strong breeze

The mountains took an experienced rescuer

The event also hurt professionals who daily put their lives to save others. One of his rows came to life in the mountains. "This tragic event profoundly affected everyone as our long-standing partner and the sacrificed rescuer died with him, citing his commemoration." said the Mountain Rescue Service in a contribution.

Closure and weather forecast notices

In the area of ​​Thursday, the weather warning is given to winds in the mountains. As the SHMU indicates, the expected wind speed exceeds the average at a given time and area and represents a greater risk to human activities. For example, for hiking and mountaineering.

In addition, the winter path of the Bielovodska Valley is valid from November 1 to June 15. Tourists who choose to take a tour are in danger, despite warnings.

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