Tuesday , October 19 2021

OnePlus 6T is now up for sale. Are we also looking for a new color version?


At the end of October, we officially recognize OnePlus 6T as a badge for unmarked money flags. The device has a new design with a minimalist slit, powerful bowels, a large screen and a single color finish.

OnePlus 6T is, with more precision available soon only in black. Choose a bright mirror version or a boring version that will not attract fingerprints, dirt and will be less obscure.

The competition has already been about the most colorful changes of its flagship, which adds them to the attraction of a visual way. According to the mrgizmo.com server, a single color version of OnePlus is prepared.

unit 6T

In addition to the conservative black, a color model of overlapping purple hues (called Thunder Purple) should also be available. This is evidenced mainly by new promotional materials, as well as a mention of the official OnePlus Indian website Ishan Agarwal.

unit 6T

The new color version has not yet been officially confirmed, but if it is to offer, it could be a limited edition, which would be limited by the number of pieces or accessibility in individual markets. We have seen OnePlus 6 in the red and golden version. OnePlus 5T was interested in the change, for example, Star Wars Edition.

OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T will start selling to me in our region tomorrow, myself. November 6 from 10:00 Central European Time. Unexpectedly, the Thunder Purple version will be available tomorrow at the manufacturer's electronic store.

It is expected high demand and the new color version may be available later, perhaps before Christmas in support of sales. If OnePlus 6T falls into the eye, you'll get it tomorrow YOU on the official website oneplus.com/en. The price starts with the amount 549 euros.

Update: 5. 11. 2018, 14:02

OnePlus 6T in the Thunder Purple version was officially presented in China and is currently only available in the market. Accessibility for other markets has not yet been mentioned.

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