Sunday , February 28 2021

Prešovčani needs to score more points in the remaining four rounds than the Lisbons

today 15:15

Handball players Tatran Prešov have fulfilled the basic premises during the weekend so that they remain in the game with one of the two progress bars in the Men's Championship C-Group 2018/2019.

They managed to win them on board Sporting Lisbon CP 28:26. Its biggest competitor was rewarded for losing home from October at 27:30.

"We have a very important victory, although not with that difference of goal as we would need at the table, but the victory is nothing less valuable." It was a challenging and similar game to Prešov, where, unfortunately, we are in the game with the Portuguese team failed. "

"On Saturday we are fighting against the whole team and the excellent performance of Igor Čupryn in the goal did not allow the local team to recover again in a great atmosphere. In the second half they became a leader that, especially, good defense and lighter goals did not let their hands and the duel could lead to the final winner, said the general director of Tatran Miroslav Benicky.

Tatran arrived for the first time after Dominik Krokom (shot 3 goals) for the first time, but he still lost Lukáš Urban, Leon Vučko and Ante Babič were injured, so coach Slavko Goluza had to improvise in the pivot. "Roman Carapkin deserves his gratitude for the fight, and Roman Carapkin, who was hurt by Leon Vuček and Ante Babič, made a good robot during his stay in the defense both in the defense and in the attack" Benick said.

At the end of the group stage, four rounds remain in the "pie". Prešovčania needs to earn more points than the Lusobos who are in the second place marker against the champions of the Slovak Rally, but expect to maintain the leadership position of the Danish Bjerringbro-Silkeborg (who has a two point lead on the nearest runners) better no mutual balance.

The two teams have similar remaining needs: Turkish Besiktas Mogaz Istanbul makes a trip to Denmark with a favorite Silkeborg. In addition, Šarišani will be on board the Russian team of Čechovské Medveďov and will host Macedonian Metalurg Skopje. On the contrary, the lisbonos will go to Skopje and the Čechov team will be presented to them.

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